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You're stressed. Overwhelmed.

Burned out.

You feel frumpy, fatigued and frazzled.

You know you need to take care of yourself ...  but you just don't do it because you're too busy taking care of everyone else.

You are the beautiful, brilliant, burned-out woman who's disregarded how amazing you are.

You’ve abandoned yourself for your partner, your family or your work...

and, you’ve forgotten that you are a bad-ass babe that deserves to feel like a freaking goddess.

Don’t worry, sweetie, I’m here to help. 

Just like you, I want to feel like a goddess instead of a hot mess.⁠

I've spent most of my life learning how ... and then walking my talk.⁠


Wanna learn my sexy secrets?


What you need to know ...

Let's make this easy.

Book a free phone chat with me. We'll decide together how I can best help you.





I offer customized, single one-on-one sessions with you for as little as $150 for an hour of caring, grounded, fun and frisky self-care/health care support and guidance on anything you are struggling with in the moment. I'll even rock it with you in a private 1:1 super simple, super sexy booty shaking session designed to help you feel confident, powerful and outrageously beautiful.


Get with me and start having fun tuning into your inner goddess, even when you're going through tough 💩.⁠


We all need solid, loving support -and I've got your back, sister.

I'm going to hold your hand and inspire you to take care of yourself in a brand new way, that feels easy and natural ...  


I'll make sure you know exactly what makes you unique, amazing and beautiful ...

... and then I'll help you understand how to feed that beauty naturally through the foods you eat, the way you move and those super simple, super sexy, lifestyle rituals and everyday indulgences that are easy to incorporate into your busy life ... so you can feel healthier, happier and rock it like the goddess you were born to be. ✨


"People wonder how I do it. How am I a successful career-woman, momma and wife?


Gina. It’s Gina.

Her amazing coaching and her lifestyle tweaks are my secret weapon. She has given me the specific self-care tools that I need (based on my constitution and inner nature) to go from feeling drained and decrepit … to luscious and inspired. She has lifted me up in the darkest of moments like a momma, sister and fairy godmother ALL-IN-ONE gently teaching me how to be healthy and beautiful, one homework assignment at a time. And she has used her decades of experience in the health and wellness field to take all the guesswork out of WHAT ACTUALLY works so that I can get back to enjoying my family, my marriage and my career. 


If you are yearning for a wise girlfriend, mentor and teacher.. if you wish your momma was there for you to comfort, love and support you back into health and confidence… Gina is your saving grace."


~ Natalie Olsen, Nats Numbers, @numerologychick

Contact me to get started


Let's re-awaken your inner goddess and create a foundation of sexy self care for a lifetime of wellness. 


You will get exactly what you need, when you need it. Are you a gal that needs to chat at least once a week to stay motivated and out of overwhelm? You got it. 

Don't have the time or energy for a weekly call? No problem, sweetheart! We'll talk once or twice a month and set up secure messaging so we can connect and stay inspired. 


Need a workout partner or tips on how to feel more feminine power? 

Yeesssss ... 🙋🏻‍♀️


Let's get clear on what you need right now, and start taking the steps to transform the way you feel in your body and in your life.


All sessions are by Phone or Zoom video chat, and text/email support is customized to meet your needs ...  continued monthly support will be encouraged.

Contact me.  Let's chat and discover how I can help you feel like yourself again ... only better.


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