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Fall in Love with Your Face

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Funny Face.

Freckle Face.

That's a pretty dress....too bad you don't have a face to go with it.

Family members mean well and I know nicknames are meant to playfully tease and show affection. Little "harmless" remarks are endearing, but comments like these are the first memories I have from childhood that have shaped how I view my appearance and beauty. And I, like so many other women, have been insecure about how I look from a very young age.

Now that I am 50, I am finally learning to look at myself differently, and it is oh so liberating.

Chinese medicine has taught me the truth about beauty.

Now I know that my freckles are a sprinkling of my Fire -- that beautiful inner exuberance and sparkly energy that makes me uniquely me, and they not something to hate or try to hide. I am emotional and I excitable. I am passionate and hate boredom. I love with all my heart and get my heart easily broken. I inspire and delight.

I want to make people feel special and loved. And, now I know that there is as much beauty in my freckles as there is beauty in the light that exudes from my smile.

My lips are full and my stomach round. They are now a reminder to me of my generous, sensual, emotionally expressive and hardworking nature and my inherent need to give and to help people.

My nose explains why I often give away my energy freely - not always spending it wisely, why I will weigh myself down by carrying 15 bags from the car at once rather than make more than one trip, why I am a collector of sentimental treasures and why I will always allow my husband (who's nose is much larger) to lead and manage our money:)

Every line, wrinkle, marking and feature on my face has meaning. They tell me how I am wired, what makes me happy and when I am out of balance. Lines and wrinkles memorialize significant experiences I've lived and emotions I express or hold inside.

Our face reveals our inner nature. I want to show you how beautiful you are from the inside out.

I am fascinated as I continue to learn how the features, lines and markings on our face are a perfect blueprint of who we are, what makes us happy, how we feel loved and what is important for us to thrive.

It is the greatest tool of compassion and self love that I have found so far.

This is my face. And it is a perfect reflection of who I am, what I have experienced, and where I am going.

Show me what you want to hide, cover or change about about your face and I will tell you how it reveals your perfect beauty. Let me show you your beauty so you will believe, maybe for the first time, how perfect you are - exactly as you are.

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