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Hip circles for motility

Having a little trouble pooping, sweetie? 💩

You’re not alone.

One of my patients just asked me for some exercises for constipation due to reduced intestinal motility … meaning, her bowels are sluggish and she has trouble pooping daily.

You can’t feel sexy if you don’t poop, honey.

And, what are my favorite moves to get you moving??


Oh, yeah. 😉

Hip circles will get you moving, free your qi and help stimulate sluggish digestion!

MmmHmmm … 🤘

Super sexy.

You can also give yourself a little abdominal massage to gently stimulate some intestinal movement.

Super simple 💖

You’ll want to lie down on your back for this.

Use a bit of castor oil or your favorite body oil, start below your ribs on your right side and gently massage in a circular motion ... from the right, across your upper abs and down your left side and back across to the right. ... giving a little love and attention to those tender spots.

Nice and easy. It should feel good and relaxing and it shouldn’t hurt.

Need a few more tips for those times when you just can't poop? Just click here, honey.

I spill more sexy lifestyle secrets when you work with me goddess-to-goddess. Here's how.

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