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Jaw dropping beauty ...👇

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Oooohhh, that strong jaw we all seem to crave.

Oh my goddess ✨ Do you know that you have jaw dropping beauty??

According to Chinese medicine and the ancient art of face reading, a strong jaw is like the roots of a tree. A big strong tree is not easily pushed over by a strong wind.

Likewise ... if you have a big strong jaw, you probably also have big strong beliefs, powerful ethics, fierce determination and absolute resilience.

Oh, Yeeeesssss! 🙋🏻‍♀️

You are no push-over, honey ... and your staunch opinions will not be easily swayed, which is a wonderful quality when you want to make the world a better place, when you’re protecting someone you love or fighting for what you believe in.

If your strong, sharp jaw is your most prominent feature, you might find that a lot of people tend to trust what you say and do and see you as a bit of an authority ... because you’re principled, you have conviction, you keep your word ... and YOU believe so much in what you say and do!

The kryptonite to this superpower is that you might sometimes come off as judgmental or domineering ... because it's your way or the highway. You are so firm in your beliefs and opinions (even when they are not right) and might not always be open to listening to other point of view! Chill, girl. Just recognize this potential and give yourself a little reminder to be more gentle and compassionate in your firmness ... and that sometimes there is value in listening to another opinion.

If your jaw is soft and undefined, take pride in the equally soft meaning behind this beautiful feature ... soft jawed beauties are usually more flexible in their views and opinions, and often have a depth to their nature that allows them to see the value in many different viewpoints without resorting to the need to compete or come across as judgemental and opinionated. 😉

If you happen to have a narrow jaw, this means that you have the lovely ability to see both sides of an issue. You can be more adaptable and open-minded, and change your point of view when enlightened. People may see you as more easy-going and flexible. I have this jaw and I can tell you that it is one of my best, most beloved gifts. However, the downside to having this feature is that I can be too easily swayed by my emotions and too influenced by persuasive people, which sometimes makes it difficult to make (and trust) a decision of my own.

Simply knowing the dynamics that our own beautiful jawline has to offer can help us stand in our own unique power, especially when it comes to our convictions, judgements and making decisions.

Want to learn what the beauty of your face says about your secret powers? Sign up for my signature Beauty Blueprint session so I can show you your beauty and help you appreciate and cherish your secret talents, gifts and powers -- and feel like the heroine of your own life. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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