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Love Potion🌟

What do you get when you combine pure essential oils, natural spring water and crystal gemstones?

Pure bliss in a bottle, baby.

Gem Elixirz.

If you ask me, every self care kit needs a bottle of smell-good, gem-enhanced love potion.

Just look at what's in this little power-packed bottle of LOVE Gem Elixirz aromatherapy gemstone spray:

Ingredients: (essential oils) Rose, ylang ylang, sweet orange, lavender, jasmine, geranium, neroli and natural spring water.
Aventurine: Protects your heart, making it safe to be vulnerable
Amethyst: Balances your heart, mind and soul and heals past wounds
Rose quartz: Universal stone of love, it attracts and promotes genuine love

Doesn't that sound glorious? Is your self care kit screaming for some?? I got you! Go ahead and get it HERE ... and I even got you a little discount off of the retail price😃

Just register at my online dispensary, Wellevate, and find LOVE Gem Elixirz aromatherapy crystal gemstone spray in my favorites....along with her sister elixirz, Joy and Sleep.

*If you Search under Gem Elixirz, you'll find the entire line, which includes Calm, Immunity, Energy, Focus, Fertility, Pain Relief and many more.*

If you're like me and you love essential oils...and you love the energy of crystal gemstones....then this sweet-smelling, done-for-you, energetic love cocktail is for you.

Honey, these elixirz are the bomb. They smell amazing and feel so good as a face and body spritzer or as a room spray...I use it every time I sit at my desk to write. I love to surround myself with it's lovely fragrance and vibration.

Be sure to shake the bottle before you spray -- you'll hear those little crystal gemstones tumble around to activate it's magic ✨

My personal favorite is the LOVE elixirz. It's a staple in my own self care kit, so I just thought I'd pass it on to you. Now, you can pass this on to your hippie dippy trippy friends who could use a little love potion 💖 Enjoy!!!

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