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Take 10

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Take 10 and stimulate your me-spot

Today it’s time to take 10 minutes just for you.

Because you can't give from an empty cup.

I know that whenever I try to do everything, I don't enjoy anything...and it's time to take 10.

When I need a break to clear my head and calm any stress or anxiety I may be feeling, I go outside and visit my chickens.

I sit with them and talk to them. I cuddle them and feed them. I watch them and listen to their coos and cackles. It calms me, makes me smile and helps me feel more at ease, more grounded and I am reminded to look at things in a new perspective.

What can you do today just for YOU? What brings you joy or peace? Getting outside for a walk or bike ride….closing your eyes and meditating to soft music….playing with your dog or cuddling your kitty…..calling a friend….gazing at the beauty of nature around you….looking at old photos….??

Take 10 minutes today to stimulate your me-spot.

It will do wonders for your wellness.

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