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Soothe your heart and mind 💜

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Oh, honey, I know … you’re so freaking EMOTIONAL right now.


Rub these acupoints if you’re feeling sad, depressed, anxious, stressed as f*ck or just plain lonely.

It's called Buddha's Triangle for a reason.

Not only will rubbing these points calm your mind and soothe your spirit, they also benefit your lungs and heart.

MmmHmm ...

Go ahead. Rub gently but firmly with your thumb ... or be a little extra and use a crystal from Wild Mountain Crystals

and these are the perfect combo of points to anoint with a bit of your favorite soothing essential oil from Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils

There 💖 Isn’t that better?

This year has been a shit show, honey. We need to do things to make us feel goooooood.

Body, mind and spirit.

Super simple, super sexy. 🤘

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