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Your Full Body Energetic Experience


For the goddess who wants to chill out, get healthy and feel beautiful

Neck Therapy



60 min  $165

90 min  $225

Package of 3 : 10% off

Bliss out, ease your stress, relax your body, soothe your spirit, balance your energy and allow your body to heal in all the areas you need healing. I'll help you calm your overwhelmed nervous system and energetically tune you into your healthiest and most beautiful self.

This is my most comprehensive signature treatment ... my unique method to healing that I've cultivated over my 30 years of experience in nutrition, fitness, Chinese Medicine, and wellness.

As a seasoned health care practitioner and lifestyle maven, I have a lot of wellness tools to help you feel less stress and more beauty.


Acupuncture is a 7000 year old art and science. In a nutshell, acupuncture is a health care principle that helps the body heal itself, naturally. By placing tiny, flexible needles into specific energy pores  (or acupuncture points) on the body, we can encourage the movement of qi (the body's life force energy) and activate our body's healing potential as well as significantly ease stress and create a more calm, tranquil and relaxed state of being. Acupuncture can help mental, emotional and physical pain and dis-ease by balancing our bodies energy and encouraging peace and relaxation. 


In addition to your full body gentle acupuncture treatment, you'll also receive functional movement and lifestyle prescriptions, herbal and nutritional recommendations, goddess rituals and plenty of juicy resources to supercharge your health, beauty and well being.


You'll feel completely nurtured and cared for during your acupuncture session with sound therapy, therapeutic essential oils, crystal enhancement, vibrational frequency, Swarovski acupuncture-to-go ear seeds, healing affirmations, guided affirmations and more. 

To book your appointment, call or text 831-220-5689

Image by Jingxi Lau

Five Element Energy

Learn about your five element core energy and goddess archetype according to ancient Chinese medicine.


Are you a Goddess of Love? A Wise Creatrix? Maybe you're an Earth Empress, a Sensitive Beauty or a Warrior Goddess ...


You have a unique beauty and purpose all your own. I am here to lavish you with love and help you own it. I want to make sure you truly know what makes you beautiful and special and powerful -- and to use the gifts you were born with to stay happy and healthy in the way that is most natural for you.


I will help you discover the divine beauty of your core personality traits and the gifts you were born to share with the world.


Then we will activate your magic with a custom acupuncture treatment, complete with Mount Shasta crystal gems to elevate your energetic experience, balance your energy centers, hold intentions for deeper healing, ignite your life force and create a feeling of sacred bliss. I'll incorporate specific essential oils, and share how to use every day self care to stay well in every aspect of your being.


This custom treatment is designed to leave you feeling seen, validated, empowered and special. It's a sacred acupuncture experience like no other ... sessions can be life changing. 

$225.  90 minutes

To book your appointment, call or text 831-220-5689

Treatments that transcend the treatment room
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