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Goddess rituals

Lifestyle medicine to feed your inner goddess

Feel like a goddess

Feel like a Goddess

Embrace the journey towards radiant health, timeless beauty, and boundless vitality – it's not a destination, but a lifestyle. Countless studies show that a whopping 80% of our health and beauty springs from the way we choose to live our everyday lives.

Let's work together to craft healthy lifestyle rituals that celebrate your beauty, vitality, and well-being in the most exquisite and pleasurable way possible. 

I'll reveal exactly which foods will help nourish you, which calming practices will help heal you and which types of movement and self care practices energize you according to your personal five element goddess archetype.

Goddess Medicine

You are a miracle of nature.  Part of all that is.  Divine.

This work is about honoring and feeding your energy, your life force, your qi, your feminine yin nature ... your unique inner goddess ... so you feel healthy, beautiful, juicy, grounded, renewed and truly happy.

This isn't just about external beauty; it's about cultivating a deep sense of well-being, improving your health and awakening your inner radiance. Let's embark on this journey together and create a lifestyle where you feel good ... in your body and in your spirit ... no matter where you are in life right now.

Imagine feeling finally empowered around your beauty and wellness, knowing the exact self care practices to put you at your best, learning to trust the guidance of your inner goddess, feeling good about yourself....and looking your radiant best.


These personalized phone sessions will give you the confidence to cultivate a lifestyle that enhances your health, beauty and wellness while living in alignment with your true nature.

Only $250 per session. Discount packages available. 

Contact me to schedule today.

To book your consultation or appointment,

call or text 831-220-5689

Goddess medicine
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