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First Visit Consultation & treatment

Begin here, beauty ...

Your Consultation

We are going to sit down and have a serious girl chat about beauty, aging, what you see in the mirror, what you love about your face and how you would like to see yourself.

I will conduct a comprehensive health history, help you see your natural beauty in a new light according to the ancient art of face reading, and create the perfect acupuncture beauty protocol for you, based on your face.


Then I will design custom, juicy, self-care radiance rituals for in-between your treatments, and advise you on your best skin food, lotions and potions based your unique beauty needs. 

Face Reading
Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Your First Treatment

You will be gently introduced to the energetic flow of full-body and facial acupuncture.

Then you will receive facial cupping to move lymph, reduce puffiness, encourage collagen production, increase circulation and give you a radiant glow, followed by a gorgeous crystal jade gua sha sculpting massage to relax facial muscles and ease the stress that can show on your face.


You'll be adorned with exquisite organic skin elixirs and oils ... and to finish your treatment you'll receive a jade rolling beautifying massage ... all this while also invoking self love and your inner radiance.

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