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Face Reading

Face Reading

The shape of each feature, each line and marking, and the spirit that animates your face means something important and basic about who you are and the secret beauty you were born with, naturally. 

Each aspect of our face, from the curve of our lips, to the shape of our eyebrows and the contour of our chin - even each line and marking - tells our personal story of how we tend to think, feel and behave...and holds the key to our hidden gifts and natural talents.

I can tell you what your features mean according to the ancient art of face reading and help you see the features that give you your own secret power and beauty.  


Then I will guide you in how to feed and activate this power through simple self care so you can live your best life feeling confident, healthy and beautiful.





To book your consultation or appointment, call or text 831-220-5689

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Self Care
Goddess Rituals

Radiant health, true nourishment and sexy self care is a lifestyle. In fact, research shows that lifestyle accounts for 80% of our health and beauty.

Let's work together to support your health, happiness and well being by incorporating pleasurable rituals into your everyday life.


I'll reveal exactly which foods will help nourish you, which herbs will help heal you and which types of movement and self care practices energize your personal five element goddess archetype.


You'll easily discover how food, water, movement, nutritional supplementation, herbal support, essential oils, crystal vibration and other holistic lifestyle rituals can support you in feeling happy, healthy and beautiful.


I'll use all of my decades of research and experience to help gently guide you to finding the exact tools you need to create a lifestyle that supports you in feeling your healthiest, happiest and most beautiful self...all from the comfort of your home.

My passion is sharing what I've lived and learned to empower you to feel beautiful in your own skin and truly nourished in your body, in your spirit and in your life. Learn more here ...


To book your consultation or appointment, call or text 831-220-5689

Goddess Self Care
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