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A Luxurious Facial Massage and Full Body Acupuncture

The Acu-Beauty Facial 

For the goddess who is in the mood for more radiance

Facial Mask
gua sha and jade beauty tools

Awaken your Beauty

If you are looking for a gentle, relaxing, juicy and blissful experience ... where your beauty is enhanced while you are treated like a goddess, you will love the acu-beauty facial. Be prepared to be pampered, adored, uplifted and rejuvenated. 

This spa-like spa treatment will revitalize your complexion, give you an instant glow, soothe your stress, honor your unique beauty, and create a feeling of radiance from the inside out.

Facial Mask

The Acu-beauty Facial Massage

In addition to full-body acupuncture to ground and balance your energy for overall health and radiance, you'll receive:

  • gorgeous crystal gua sha sculpting massage to relax facial muscles and ease the stress that can show on your face,

  • lovely facial cupping to move lymph, reduce puffiness, increase circulation of blood and qi, encourage collagen production, tone the skin and give you a radiant glow,


  • NANO needling (optional add-on) :  In addition to feeling like an invigorating facial massage, Nano-needling is a non-invasive transdermal serum delivery system. Similar to micro-needling, but instead of needles, tiny silicone pyramid nano tips penetrate the epidermis to form thousands of nano-channels. This results in a significantly higher absorption rate of your serum and skincare - up to a whopping 97% higher absorption! All while stimulating circulation and gently encouraging  collagen production. Results are amazing. 

  • LIght Therapy  (optional add-on) to increase collagen production by 200 - 300%, improve sleep, enhance the immune system, reduce inflammation and pain from arthritis and injuries 


  • You'll be adorned with healing crystals, soothed with a hydrating sheet mask, anointed with exquisite organic skin elixirs ... and lastly, you'll be treated to a gentle crystal jade rolling facial massage for a soothing,  dreamy finishing touch to your health and beauty session.


Self care is self love. You deserve to feel beautiful in every aspect of your being.


* with LED light therapy $285

* with nano-needling $360

* with nano-needling and LED light therapy $420

Acu beauty and crystal enhancement
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