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3 simple steps to feel more sexy

Feeling kinda tired, sluggish and blah, like you need to get your sexy back?

Try these 3 little steps to sexy, honey ...

  1. 🍌 Eat something sexy.

Bananas are hella sexy, honey.

You know what I’m talking about.

Oh yes you do 🍌

And, according to Chinese medicine, bananas tonify our feminine nature 💖

Oh, and they just happen to be good sources of minerals like potassium and magnesium, amino acids like tryptophan (to help you chill the f*ck out) and B vitamins, which are essential for the production of sex hormones … and even a dose of vitamin C to keep your skin glowing like a goddess.

Add a little nut butter ... maybe a sprinkle of coconut or cinnamon ... and you have a sweet, creamy, satisfying snack.

2. Relax ... 🛀

Girl, all that crazy stress and chronic lack of sleep could be causing low testosterone and low libido.

Time to chill, sweetie. You need some down-time. Some time to just BE instead of DO.

Take a bath. Slip into something sexy ... maybe your softest, most comfy t-shirt and a silky pair of Vickies, you know, the ones with those cute little bows … grab your banana … lie back ... relax ...

3. ... and read some erotica 💋

Oh yeah 🍌

Words can be powerful medicine. Research suggests, and we know it’s true, that reading erotica can raise testosterone, naturally.

MmmHmmm 🤘

Super simple, super sexy, honey 😘

Want to know how to feel like a healthy, sexy goddess instead of a hot mess? Work with me, and you will know.😉

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