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Dress it up 🥙

Dressing is the bling on a salad 🥗 ✨

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a bottle of pre-made salad dressing?

Go ahead, take a look. Chances are, you'll see a looong list of ingredients ... and maybe even some junk oils like canola, soy and cottonseed ... probably gums, thickeners, sugars, and some preservatives.

Oh, hell, no.

When I want a salad, I want to honor the radiant veggies it's dressing up. I'm not gonna drown it in synthetic dressing!!

I want a healthy bling for my sexy salad.

So, last night I decided to throw every badass ingredient I have into a super immunity salad dressing.

It's one of the best dressing I’ve ever made 😁 I love it when that happens!

Wanna try it? Easy-peasy, girl


Here you go:


- Extra virgin olive oil

- Splash of raw apple cider vinegar

- Fresh lemon juice

- Lots of fresh minced garlic

- Lots of fresh peeled and minced ginger

- Raw honey to taste

- Herbs of your choice (I used thyme, rosemary, oregano and basil)


Mix in a mason jar. Shake shake shake. Drizzle over everything.

Super simple. Super sexy. 🤘 🧡

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