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Get to the Point ... 👩🏻‍⚕️

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I'm an acupuncturist ... naturally, I think acupuncture is pretty freaking magical. ✨

When stimulated, these little "energy pores" called acu-points can help to align and balance our energy when we tap into them with touch and intention.

What I want most, is for us all to feel empowered around our health and well being. Not all of us can go see an acupuncturist ... so I am bringing acupuncture to you.

Using a tiny needle to stimulate acu-points is the traditional way to practice acupuncture ... but, just like there are many ways to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco (drive, fly, hitch hike, take a train, etc.) there are many ways to stimulate an acu-point. You can tap on them with your fingers, press on them with the pointy end of your favorite crystal gem, or give them a deep rub with your knuckle ... there really is no wrong way to stimulate an acupuncture point. My first teacher even told me that he saved a man from a heart attack by stepping on an acu-point located at the end of the pinky finger....!

I just happen to know a few acupuncture points that, when touched, pressed, or rubbed, can magically enhance your body's ability to stay balanced physically, emotionally and energetically. I thought you might like to have them gathered in one place for easy reference. 😘

You're welcome.

These are some of my favorite badass acu-points to help you when you need extra support:

Acu-points for stress, anxiety, worry, tranquility, fear and to activate self-love ♥️

  • My favorite self-love acupuncture point is known as the "sea of tranquility", and it only needs to be touched to be activated. Simply touch, press, lightly rub, or tap the very center of your chest, between your breasts, and all around the area you might think of as the heart center, or heart chakra. Breathe deeply. This acupuncture point, shanzhong or "chest center", is known to be amazingly effective for calming anxiety, stress, and even panic. It can help soothe the heart, open the lungs, raise our spirits and liberate anxiety. Just by touching the center of your chest, you create an immediate awareness of your own heart, and your very being. Activating this point daily can be the self-love button you press to feel more compassion for yourself, to remember to breathe love into your heart, practice forgiveness and speak more lovingly to yourself.

  • Another great point for stress and overwhelm is the master point of the ear. The name of this point is Shen Men, which roughly translates to Gateway to Heaven or Spirit Gate....but you can just call it because this point is SO powerful.

Shen Men is considered a master point because it can help just about everything....stress, overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, extreme sensitivity, hyperactivity, inflammation, even weight loss.

I love to use shen men as a self-love point because it calms my overwhelm and activates a deeper connection to my own inner wisdom. Shen men helps me reconnect to my SELF and tune into my intuition.

The EASIEST way to stimulate this point is to simply rub your ears.

A good ear massage feels amazing, and you'll not only stimulate shen men, but you'll activate all of the other amazing ear points, too.

The PRETTIEST and most INTENTIONAL way to stimulate this point,

is to adorn it with some ear bling.

Grab yours HERE. Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds. The prettiest, blingiest, most therapeutic way to activate your acu-points.

  • This is the other Shenmen, a superstar point for anything related to our heart and mind.

This point is located on the inside of your wrist crease, closest to your pinky finger. It's in the hollow just at the base of the bone you feel protruding there (that's your pisiform bone)

This shenmen is a gateway to our innermost self. It strengthens and clarifies the expression of our spirit.

This is the perfect point to massage to bolster and stabilize our heart energy, soothe our emotions, calm our physical heart and ease our mind. Shenmen is calming and tonifying at the same time -- allowing access to a more peaceful way of being.

I love to use shenmen as a self-love point because it activates a deeper connection to my inner self, taps me into my spirit and softens my defenses. of my favorite ways to anoint this heart point -- and Buddha's Triangle below -- is to anoint them with essential oils ... like Serenity from Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils, which is one of my faves.

  • Here's a combo of three amazing points that create a triangle of peaceful bliss. Commonly known as Buddha’s Triangle, this is the perfect combo to calm our mind and soothe our spirit.

  • If you're tired, stressed and depressed, this is the power point for you. This is one of the very first acupuncture points I learned when I started my studies, and I gotta say, this one's magical. It is the last point on the acupuncture pathway related to our kidney and adrenal energy. This channel spreads vital life-force energy throughout our whole system. It's traditional name, shu fu, translates roughly to Palace of Approval or Elegant Mansion.

It is an extremely effective point to help lift our energy, clear stress, breathe more deeply, activate our immune response ... and to help release sadness, anxiety, fear, agitation, grief and depression.

This. Point. Rocks.

Tapping this point and applying the essential oil here daily helps us to feel supported, energized, uplifted and soothed. It's a total energetic boost.

Simply rub, tap or massage this point and breathe deeply...or, you can anoint this point with essential oil whenever you need a boost to your energy and endorphins. It's located in the little depression just below the head of your collar bone. I simply tap all around it and even on the bone itself. I also rub essential oils here at least 2-3 times daily. Bliss, baby.

Worry and over-thinking making you tired and anxious? Try this:

  • Do you need a little help letting go of emotional baggage, of fatigue, grief, confusion, sadness, guilt, old compulsive ways of thinking ... even shame?

Gently rub, tap or massage the first acu-power point on the lung channel, The Great Letting Go Point. Activating this point will help you breathe in new energy, support the strength of your lungs, clear your mind and release old baggage. If you find that tears come up when you rub this point, allow those tears to flow, cleanse away the pain, and keep your emotions in-motion.

  • This powerful balancing point (Ren 24), calms our mind, relieves anxiety, lifts depression, reduces facial swelling, and taps us into our softer side ... I like lying down and placing an aquamarine over this point .... 💙

Here’s badass point to help you cool down.

Find it on the inner elbow next to the large tendon.

It’s called heart protector 3 and this point is great for irritability, fatigue and anxiety that often accompanies too much heat.

Rub this point in slow, rhythmic circles with your thumb, an ice cube or your favorite crystal.

Kidney 6, zhaohai, translates to "shining sea" and is a heroic acupuncture point to help calm fears, phobias, anxiety, insomnia, bad dreams and even night terrors. This is a wonderful point to keep in your self care tool kit because in addition to calming our fear, it also helps swollen sore throats, loss of voice, dry throat and night sweats. This one's a keeper. Find it just below in the depression below the tip of the medial malleolus, (which is your inner ankle bone.

These are my go-to points for anger, irritation, frustration, depression, apathy and tense muscles:

  • Stimulate the first acupuncture point on the Liver channel, on your big toe, at the inner corner, just about where your skin meets your toenail. The name of this point translates to "Great Esteem" and rubbing, tapping or massaging this point can help to boost your swagger, self esteem, confidence and your ability to move forward and put plans into action.

Need extra support? Got back pain, trouble standing tall or weakness?

Stimulate Supreme Ravine on the Kidney channel, located on your inner ankle. It’s called that because it is in a depression between the medial malleolus (your ankle bone on the inside) and your Achilles tendon. Use the pad of your thumb to massage in gentle, rhythmic circles. You can use a little bit of pressure, but not too hard. Rubbing, tapping or massaging this acupuncture point will strengthen your whole system. This powerful point is supremely supportive. It will strengthen and fortify your overall energy, help you stand up tall and embrace your best self. It often relieves back pain, too. Give yourself energetic support and strength by rubbing this point often - try it before bed or during your morning stretch.

When you feel like your whole system needs an energetic re-boot, stimulate the Great Connecting Point on the Spleen channel, located under your armpit, at chest level. This point will feel tender, trust me. Rubbing, tapping or massaging this point is like a re-boot for your whole system. This point is the shizzle. It will wake up your energy, help you feel more clarity and connection and even open you up to embracing more love.

Give yourself an energetic re-boot by rubbing this point often - try it in the shower.

This is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE MIRACLE point for FATIGUE, well being, digestive support, harmony and BALANCE:

Every acupuncturist has her favorite acupuncture point. You know, the one point that we rely on time and time again to encourage healing. This is the acupuncture point I am most grateful for: Stomach 36, Zusanli, which roughly translates to Leg Three Mile. Legend has it that when Chinese soldiers rubbed this point, it gave them the energy and vitality they needed to march another three miles! 😃I love this this point because it feeds us - it nourishes our energy to revitalize our overall well being, strengthens our core energy to support our immune system...and it's considered a miracle point for anything related to our digestion (very helpful at Thanksgiving!) Quite frankly, there's nothing this point can't support!! Rub it to invigorate, support and nourish your energy....or if you are feeling fatigued, nauseous, bloated, constipated, or have any digestive distress. Find it four finger widths down from the bottom of your knee cap, along the outer boundary of your shin bone.

This is your go-to-point:

Stimulate Spleen 6, also known as Sanyinjiao or Three Yin Intersection. It's located on the inside of your lower leg. To find it, place the pinkie-side edge of your hand against the high point of the big bone on the inside of your ankle. Spleen 6 is on your lower leg, four fingers directly above your ankle bone. Use the pad of your thumb or the edge of your crystal to massage this power point in gentle, rhythmic circles. Spleen 6 is one of the most important and widely used acupuncture points.Ladies, remember this point! It is amazing at helping to nurture our feminine, balance hormones, soothe gynecological issues, aid digestion and calm our overworked, overstressed systems. This point is a keeper. I use it over and over again. (Pregnant ladies should skip this one)

These ear acupuncture points are simple to seductively stimulate to enhance our sexual desire and excitement.

  • This acupuncture point on the stomach channel, known as Heavenly Pivot, is EPIC for treating constipation ... in fact, it is the single most effective and frequently used acupuncture point for chronic constipation that has ever been studied. Gently, but firmly, rub this point, located about 2 thumbs width from your belly button, on both sides. Think of this point whenever you feel bloated, stopped up, suffer from IBS or just have a tummy ache.

My Favorite cold & Flue Acu-points to support your Immune System

These legendary and largely unknown acupuncture points are super effective at keeping our immune system strong, warding off colds and flu, and soothing sore throats. Use these secret "extra" points often -- they're the most powerful points for cold and flu that you will ever need and super easy to rub anytime, anywhere.

These acupuncture points have been used for thousands of years to reduce heat in the body, soothe sore throats, calm and restore our energy.

  • Acupuncture point Lu 5, Chize has been used for thousands of years to soothe a cough and ease sore throats. Find it on the inside of your elbow crease, when your palm is up. The point is on the thumb side of the tendon when you make a fist. Press, tap, rub with the pointy end of your crystal to stimulate this point. Do it often.

I have an amazing point for you to support your lungs. This acupuncture point is famous for nurturing our immune response, supporting strong lung function, alleviating neck pain and even headache. Lung 7 is a very powerful point and is traditionally used to treat anything related to the lungs—asthma, wheezing, bronchitis, cough, congestion, and common cold symptoms. Rubbing this point will help your lungs to take in more oxygen, so you can “breathe easy” and have the strength to move on to new experiences.

Find more acu-points at AcuPro Academy.

There you go!! Keep checking back -- I will be adding more points here often.

Remember, there's nothing more badass than feeling empowered and taking care of yourself. 🤘

Rock on, Sister 🔮

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