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Life Kicking Your Ass?

Ever feel like life is kicking your ass?

Maybe you're completely overwhelmed with responsibility at home and at work...

Sound familiar?! 😉

You're not alone. Seven out of 10 of us report feeling stress, fear or anxiety EVERY DAY.

76% of Americans self-reported having “really bad” Sunday night anxiety.

You need some support.

When you're feeling those dreaded Sunday Scaries, when stress, fear and anxiety are driving you to exhaustion, remember these super simple, super sexy tools from my magic bag of self-care tricks:

  • Grab some Labradorite. This dark, mysterious and mesmerizing stone is a trusted, age-old companion to help banish fear and insecurities. Its energy is dependable, protective, gently grounding and balancing. Let it inspire you to have faith in yourself and give you renewed courage to face whatever life throws you. Keep it on your desk at work, wear as a sexy bracelet or tuck it in your bra or pocket to remind you that you got this.

  • Wear courage as your new perfume. Whenever I need to feel my strength, I wear Bravely by Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils a decadent oil blend including spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and frankincense. Bravely brings me back to myself. It's been found to help us self regulate and align our energy, as well as access our own courage, confidence and self esteem. Besides, it smells divine... and this oil always works for me. (Want some? Click here first, then Products, Oil Blends and Bravely.)

  • Stimulate Supreme Ravine on the Kidney channel, located on your inner ankle. It’s called that because it is in a depression between the medial malleolus (your ankle bone on the inside) and your Achilles tendon. Use the pad of your thumb to massage in gentle, rhythmic circles. You can use a little bit of pressure, but not too hard. Rubbing, tapping or massaging this acupuncture point will strengthen your whole system. This power point is supremely supportive. It will strengthen and fortify your overall energy, help you stand up tall and embrace your best self. It often relieves back pain, too. Give yourself energetic support and strength by rubbing this point often - try it before bed or during your morning stretch.

When life kicks your ass, stand up a little taller, because you have the tools to tap into your own strength and courage 🌞 I hope these little tricks help. 👆

Rock on, Sister 🔥

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