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Overwhelmed and Confused? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Overwhelmed and confused, honey?

Not sure where to turn? What decision to make? Rub this point. ✨

This badass little point will help give you the power of discernment.

MmmHmm , that’s right … 😉

Rub this point in slow, rhythmic circles. It’s just below the bone of your pinky finger where it meets your wrist bone.

There. Doesn’t that feel goooood? 💖

Honey, think about ALL of the information you have to processes on a daily basis! When we’re stressed, our mind can slip into information overload and it’s really challenging to discern what serves us and what doesn’t.

This small but mighty little point helps us sort through all of the thoughts and feels to extract the good and discard the bullshit. It will help bring that mental clarity you need right now.

Super simple, super sexy. ✨

Acupuncture rocks 🤘

So do my crystal bracelets. Get yours @ Wild Mountain Crystals

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