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What do you do when đŸ’© hits the Fan?

Let's get real.

Is life kicking your ass right now?

I know. It's only a couple of weeks into the new year and đŸ’© is already hitting the fan.

You told yourself that this year you were going to do more to take care of yourself.... but you're already caught up in the stresses of life.

Why is it that when life gets hard, we suddenly stop taking care of ourselves? We don't eat ... or we don't eat well. We don't drink water. We don't rest. We skimp on sleep.

Sometimes, we need a sister to remind us of the little important things.

Whatever it is that you're going through right now, I feel you and I'm here to support you and love you through it. And you will get through it. 💖

Let's strip things down a little and get back to basics. Because, when life is really kicking your ass and you're feeling like you just need to get through the's enough to simply remember these four things:

  • Drink water. Seriously girl, one of the easiest little acts of self care is to remember to drink water. And if you drink a glass first thing in the morning before the day starts to get away from you, you'll feel like a rock star. You'll have more energy and clarity. And, your skin will thank you, too.

  • Eat. Nourish yourself, sweetie. Fuel yourself with something that will sustain you and help you feel grounded. Do your best to make it healthy and colorful. At least, eat your superfoods.

  • Move. Take a deep breath. Stand up, get outside, walk, stroll, take the stairs, dance, stretch, jump up and down ... move your body to keep your energy ... and your emotions ... in motion.

  • Sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things we can give to our body, next to air and water. We can live without food for longer than we can live without air, water, or do your best to slow down when you can, take some time to yourself, go to bed a little earlier, get a little extra sleep.

That's it. And maybe today, this is enough.

Be gentle with yourself this week....and, remember to treat yourself like someone you love 😍

If you need a little extra support, reach out to me. I am here to help.

Rock on, Sister đŸ”„

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