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What do you do ... when you need supplements? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Updated: May 27, 2020

In today's world, it's really confusing to try to stay healthy.

Do we need supplements to be healthy -- or not?

Well, it complicated. Our food is only as nourishing as the soil it's grown in. And, our soil has been depleted of the minerals and nutrients that give us the nourishment we need from food since 1935. So, many years ago we may have been able to get all the nutrients we need for good health and well being through food ... but, today, not so much.

Today, we have chemical fertilizers, cancer-causing pesticides like Round-up, genetically engineered organisms, factory farms, chemical flavor enhancers and preservatives ... and otherwise toxic industrial production of "our food" ...

And, a lot of ultra-processed food-type products, yo.

That said, in my opinion, we can't possibly get the nutrients we need for kick-ass health and well being unless we also supplement a healthy diet. (PS - I wrote an entire chapter about Supplements in my book, Wellness for Women.)

Supplements do not replace real, healthy, nourishing food. They supplement it.

Right now, we are all smart to supplement our diet with more nourishment.

Gina! Where do I start? What do I need?

Don't worry, girl.

Luckily, you've got a sister who's got your back.

We really need to be mindful of where our supplements come from. I thoroughly research the companies I use for purity, transparency and integrity ... and I never ever purchase supplements at Amazon, where many many counterfeit natural products are sold.

So where do you go to get good quality supplements that you can trust? You go where the health practitioners go! I only order professional supplements that are available exclusively to health care providers ... and then I make them available to you at my online dispensary, Wellevate, so you never have to worry about quality, safety and effectiveness. You can order from the comfort and safety of your own home, and have them delivered to your door. Super simple. Super sexy.

Here's a list of the supplements I am taking right now, to keep my immune system as strong as possible during this COVID-19 pandemic. This is not a complete list, but it is a good foundation of basics:

  • TCM Immune Support Multi - I really like this comprehensive multi support. It has 100% or more Daily Value (DV) of 14 essential vitamins and minerals, including ingredients inspired by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) It also has a good daily level of vitamin D, supports a healthy response to stress, and it's methylated, fermented and enzyme-activated. Freaking bad-ass.

  • Vitamin C -- Luckily, this vitamin C is still available right now....but so many are out of stock. Vitamin Code offers a food based vitamin C, and I like food first. Right now, whatever vitamin C you can find, take it. Take at least 1000 - 2000 mg of vitamin C every day. If you get loose stools, cut back until things are comfortable again 😉

  • Selenium -- Since a good amount of selenium is in my multi-vitamin, I decided to eat just 2 Brazil nuts a day to get my extra selenium.

  • Vitamin D -- While this TCM Immune Support Multi has 5000 IU of vitamin D, I like having this liquid vitamin is always in my cupboard. It contains 1000 IU per drop, so you can control you dose. It goes into water, smoothies, anything. It is really important that we keep our vitamin D levels high for optimal health. I know from my own blood levels that this supplement works. Get some. If your multi does not include vitamin D, take at least 5 drops (5000 IU) daily.

  • Zinc is another important mineral for our immune function -- if you want a good zinc, try this one by Garden of Life - it also contains probiotic cultures and enzymes.

Speaking of probiotics ... capsules are terrific, and you can search my dispensary for a few I like ... but right now, I am eating kim chee and sauerkraut to get my probiotic cultures. Fermented foods like offer billions more probiotic cultures than most probiotic capsules can offer, and they are a magical food cure for our digestion and natural gut biome. Food first ... supplements merely supplement food.... so get some sauerkraut or kim chee and eat at least one tablespoon a day, grab or make some kombucha and support your gut for optimal immune health.

Omega 3 oil. We tend to eat more omega 6 and omega 9 fats from processed foods, refined vegetable oils than we should ... so getting healthy omega 3 fatty acids in our diet is crucial for optimal well being, reduced inflammation, heart health and, of course, a healthy immune response. Foods that contain natural omega 3 fats are wild fish (sardines, salmon) nuts and seeds (hemp, flax, chia, walnuts), grass-fed pastured beef, free-range eggs and even seaweed. If you want to supplement, use a good quality fish/krill oil/ cod liver oil. Search for favorites in my dispensary ... brands like Carlsons, Nordic Naturals, or another physician-recommended brand at Wellevate. I am using Life Extension at the moment. The only reason I chose this brand is because Wellevate chooses to carry it, it was one of the few still available at the time I ordered, and it also contains sesame lignans, olive extract, krill and super sexy astaxanthin.

My favorite whole food supplement company, Standard Process, also has superior whole food supplements to boost a healthy diet. Standard Process has been around for 85 years, uses food based ingredients grown in their own organic fields in Wisconsin. In fact, back in 1929, Royal Lee formulated the very first multivitamin for Standard Process, Catalyn, which contains vital nutrients from whole food sources. I have been using it for 25 years. It's the shizzle, trust. Standard Process only sells to qualified healthcare practitioners, so I need to help you with this. Sign up with Patient Direct, my online portal. Once you register, you will need a special code to access me. My secret code is: NY67XM

I will receive an email notifying me that you registered. Then we can set up a time to talk about what you need and you can have the super supplements that are right for you shipped directly to your door. Super simple. Super sexy.


  • I also love my supplements from Your Super, specifically Forever Beautiful. This is my favorite superfood! Forever Beautiful superfood powder is a blend of nutrient-dense foods high in antioxidants (ORAC 19750 μmol TE) and micronutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron. The ingredients are super simple, super sexy: Chia Seeds* (Bolivia), Acai* (Brazil), Maqui* (Chile), Acerola* (Brazil), Maca* (Peru) and Blueberry* (Finland) Powder. *Organic Certified

  • Super Green. I am a huge fan of green powders to supplement our intake of fresh greens and veggie goodness. I've used lots of different brands over the years, and my two favorites are Vitamineral Green and Super Green. If you struggling eating enough green veggies every day, you are not alone! Simply add one spoon your favorite green food or Super Green from Your Super to your water, smoothie or breakfast. Green food powders make it easy to get your greens every day - even when life gets stressful and busy. Super Green superfood powder is high in chlorophyll and micronutrients such as Vitamin A, K, C, Calcium, Potassium, Folate and Iron. Ingredients: Wheatgrass* (Germany), Barley Grass* (Germany), Moringa* (Tanzania), Baobab* (Senegal), Spirulina* (Germany) and Chlorella* (Germany) Powder. *Organic Certified

  • Magic Mushrooms. This magical mix of functional mushrooms, adaptogens and superfoods is designed to support a strong and healthy immune system while managing your stress. I love this chocolate flavored mix. I even wrote a special post about it!

  • Power Matcha - Matcha green tea has been used for thousands of years to support our health, well being and emotional wellness. Matcha is whole green tea leaves that are ground into a fine powder and whisked into hot water. Instead of steeping the leaves, we ingest the full leaf in powdered form and all those sexy antioxidants, flavonoids and magical green tea nutrients. Matcha green tea from Japan is best ... and Power Matcha from Your Super simply takes it one step further -- it's an excellent source of antioxidants, chlorophyll and even a bump of natural caffeine (23mg) Check out these badass extra ingredients: Matcha* (Japan), Moringa* (Tanzania), Maca* (Peru), Wheatgrass* (Germany) and Barley Grass* (Germany) Powder. *Organic Certified

  • Mellow Yellow.This potent superfood helps to reduce stress, anxiety and inflammation naturally. Here are the only kick-ass ingredients: Turmeric (India), Ashwagandha (India), Ginger (India), Cinnamon (India), Lucuma (Peru) and Pepper (India) *= Organic certified. Makes a really cozy and yummy late before bed for more restful sleep.

And, there you go. This is a great place to start when starting to incorporate supplements into your life for extra support for your natural health, beauty and well being. This is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other supplements that could be considered essential, but I feel this is a great foundation to get started.

Remember to use Wellevate for online ordering at 15% off of retail every day ... no need to leave the comfort and safety of your own home, and your products are delivered right to your door. If you need any help with supplementing your diet for your own unique needs, don't hesitate to contact me. I've got your back.

Rock on, Sister 🔮

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