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What do you do ... when you're scared?😰

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Yes. I know.

I feel it, too.

This pandemic is no joke.

If you know me at all, you know that I am a highly sensitive person. I tend to feel the feelings of other people ...which is not exactly ideal during a global crisis.

Some days, I feel like an energy sponge ... and, when I am in fear or anxiety, I forget how much power I have.

The calmer we are, the more powerful we are.

C'mon, girl. When is the last time you saw Wonder Woman shaking in her boots?

Gah! 😰

So, what the hell do we do when we are feeling the fear that this COVID-19 pandemic is creating?

There are many, many things we can do to help to stay grounded and keep fear from stealing our sparkle ... let me hold your hand and give you a few of my Gina-inspired super simple, super sexy reminders to help you through this time or any stressful time:

  • Remember the little things. Make your bed. Wash your face. C'mon, girl, don't stay in your fuzzy bathrobe or pj's all day. Get dressed.

  • Turn off the TV. The words and images you are consuming, especially during this time have a HUGE impact on how we feel. Be very mindful of what you listen to and read. Watch the news to stay informed, but try not to have it running in the background all damn day. If you do, it will influence how you feel and perpetuate your anxiety and fear. I stopped the news notifications on my phone. Instead, devote a certain amount of time to stay informed each day -- and use the majority of your time to listen to positive and uplifting messages, music and audios.

  • Create rituals. In particular, create a comforting ritual to start and end your day. Mornings are an important time for me. If I have a stressful or chaotic morning, my whole day is off. I enjoy the first hour of my day in solitude. I open all of the blinds to let the light in. I drink a glass of water while I gaze at the mountain. I grind the beans for coffee and get the old-school percolator going. While I wait for the coffee, I go outside to get the sunlight in my eyes, feel the air on my skin ... and cuddle my kitties. After I come in, I grab my quartz crystal and my pendulum, do a little meditation, stretch for a few minutes and finally, sit with my coffee for a bit. No phone. No iPad. Definitely no TV. I have a similar ritual before bed. These tiny intentional acts of self-care help me feel grounded, and when I feel grounded, I feel less fear and anxiety. Creating rituals to honor the things we value can make a huge difference in how we handle stress and anxiety. They anchor our energy and help us stay grounded and mindful. Morning rituals, meal rituals, tea rituals, beauty rituals, movement rituals, calming rituals, bedtime rituals ... honor the simple acts of pleasure that are important to you. This is something I can help you with when we work together 1:1.

  • Eat breakfast. The first meal of the day really is the most important. It will lay the foundation for your energy and blood sugar handling. When we eat break our fast with lots of sugar and carbs, we set ourselves up for a roller coaster of anxiety, nerves, scattered energy and general emotional and physical instability! Eat something that nourishes you and sustains your energy for at least 3 - 4 hours. Read more here.

  • Belt it out: When we sing, we work our lungs – it's kick-ass protection against respiratory infections like the coronavirus. Singing forces us to take in more oxygen, which boosts circulation. And when we sing, we release more feel-good oxytocin – the love and bonding chemical that reduces stress and anxiety. 😍Sing in the shower, in the garden, while making soup, take a drive and sing at the top of your lungs ... just belt it out, baby.

  • Rub this point ... Kidney 6, zhaohai, translates to "shining sea" and is a heroic acupuncture point to help calm fears, phobias, anxiety, insomnia, bad dreams and even night terrors. This is a wonderful point to keep in your self care tool kit because in addition to calming our fear, it also helps swollen sore throats, loss of voice, dry throat and night sweats. This one's a keeper. Find it just below in the depression below the tip of the medial malleolus, (which is your inner ankle bone, see pic below) tap with the pointy end of your crystal or rub with firm pressure.

  • There's a crystal for that ... Get stoned with Blue Lace Agate - a sweet and powerful pastel blue crystal that instantly calms and soothes our fear and anxiety. This stone works really well for reframing our thoughts and giving us clarity and comfort in times of stress and fear. This is a lovely crystal to wear around your neck, as blue lace agate also helps give us clarity in our communication. You can also tuck a polished piece in your bra or pocket, keep one on your nightstand or even on your work desk. Let its delicate energy calm your anxious mind, soothe your fears and provide a beautiful grounding and sense of hope and optimism.

And, finally, here is a little common sense reminder:

Viruses pass between people. The main way we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to any flu or virus is by touching our face! A virus can typically live on our hands for a good 10 minutes.

If we know where our hands are at all times, and keep them clean and away from our face, we have a low risk of contracting the virus. So, every time you touch something outside your home, wash or disinfect your hands. Every time. Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it after you touch anything -- and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Wearing a face mask is very helpful to keep your hands off our face, period. You don't need a medical mask -- even a bandana will do. Do not touch anywhere around your eyes, nose, mouth or ears. If you simply stay at home, avoid unnecessary outings, keep a good distance from your neighbor, wash or disinfect your hands after touching anything that has been touched by another human and keep your damn hands off of your face, you are doing a badass job of staying healthy and empowered.

My dear and very informed friend, Becca, sent me this video from Dr. David Price of Cornell Medical Center in New York City from March 22, 2020. It is grounded, clear, precise, easy to understand and will completely empower you and clear any confusion about COVID-19 so far. Follow his rules.

And, you can also take a listen to my cold and flu audio to stay grounded.

Rock on, Sister🔮

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