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What do you do ... when you want to punch your husband ? 🤨

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Are you experiencing this new pandemic problem? Are you getting a little itchy with your partner right now?

... hmmmm?

Be honest, girl.

Because everyone I've talked to lately is feeling irritated, ungrounded, anxious, fearful, confused, agitated and just generally itchy.

The world we live in has suddenly changed and everything feels stressful, claustrophobic and unpredictable.

Everyone is feeling it. And everyone is expressing their anxiety differently.

Maybe your toddler is kicking you ... or your dog just peed in the house ... or your teenager sassed you ... or your darling innocent husband is getting on your last nerve.

We all feel itchy.

Now, I know you are getting a ton of information from "experts" telling you how to live your best life during a pandemic. Trust me, none of us has this 💩 figured out. No one really knows how to live blissfully through a pandemic like this one. We're all figuring it out one day at a time. I gotta say, one thing I am appreciating more than ever is my little bag of super simple, super sexy self care tricks. I need them right now more than ever.

Because, this shelter-in-place business is making me feel super itchy, too. You see, I adore my husband. I love him with all of my heart and I appreciate him more than I can articulate. But, right now, girl ...?? Right now, I'm doing my best to stay calm, unruffled and unbothered by those little stupid, meaningless everyday things that are annoying AF ... you know the ones ... Like the morning man noises my darling husband emits every morning as he drinks his coffee ...

Sluurrpp ... Ahhhhh ...

Sniff. Snniifff.

Sluurrpp ... Ahhh...

Cough. Snort. Hack.


Sluurpp ... Ahhh ...

Really?!?! 🙄🤨😠

Oh. My. Gawd. 😡

What do you do ... when you want to punch your husband?

Or wife ... or partner ... or room-mate ... or teenager... or co-worker? You know what I'm freaking talking about. Oh, Yes you do.

Luckily, you've got a sister who's got your back.

No, I don't have it all figured out. But, this week, I do have some super simple, super sexy self care inspiration for those itchy times during quarantine when ... no matter how much you love them ... you are about to flip your lid. You're welcome.

Find your sacred space. Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again. Where you can chill the fu*!ck out and be in your own energy. Where you can cool off and get perspective. You need some space, girl. Carve out private, sacred space in your home, car, yard or property. A hidey-hole. A safe spot. Your private cave. Even if it is the bathtub. Or a chair on the patio. Find a space that you can call your own - where you can be alone. No, it's not impossible. You just have to be creative. I can help. Move. Keep your emotions in motion and you'll feel so much better. Especially if you can get out in nature and move in the beauty of spring. Walk, stroll, hike, run, jump in place, skip, ride your bike, row, garden, build, stretch, workout, vacuum, clean … whatever makes you feel good in your body and gives you an outlet for pent up frustration.

Shout. Sometimes, movement isn't enough to release agitated energy, am I right? Mmmm...hmmm. When that yoga session doesn't quite cut it, yelling, shouting or singing full-out can discharge energy that has been suppressed. Go ahead, ask me how I know. 🤨Shout into the wind or in your car on the freeway. Sing at the top of your lungs. But, honey ... please don't shout at your husband, wife, canine companions or loved ones, OK?! 😏

Grab some GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps us to stay chill. Supplementing with GABA can help with anxiety, worry, cravings, focus, stress, depression and insomnia. That's why I call GABA my chill pill. Chewing up one or two of these badass wafers will help your mind calm, ease those tense muscles...and even help control your stress eating!! Whoop! My favorite is Pharma-GABA by Natural Factors. Grab yours at my online dispensary, Wellevate, and keep that stuff handy. They are tasty, but if you need to eat more than 6 per day .. .or if you are already taking an antidepressant, we need to talk.

Rub these points. The best acu-points for anger, agitation, tense muscles, irritation and emotional itchiness are Liv 2 and 3. Period. I've given them to you before - they are my go-to points.

And, add this trifecta of magic, too -- these points will compliment each other and ... BAM -- you have a kick-ass combo for when you are steamed.

There's a crystal for that ... get stoned with Howlite. I'm a believer in this gem. One weekend last year, I was having a particularly tough time with anger. I took myself to my favorite local crystal shop in Mount Shasta, Soul Connections, and found a small white and black polished piece of howlite, and a little howlite bead bracelet. Immediately upon wearing and holding this stone, I felt my agitation start to melt. Serious magic. Try it. You have nothing to lose;) Howlite stones have a lovely soothing energy that will help to alleviate stress, and may help to calm fits of anger and bad temper. Rock on, Sister 🔮

Wear a soothing scent. Use a special, calming essential oil as perfume, or diffuse it in your home. My favorite is Serenity Composure from Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils. Even simple sexy Bergamot has been shown to calm anxiety and improve focus. Use what you have in the cupboard -- citrus is always uplifting ... and lavender is a beautiful stand-by, of course ... or you can order a new one here, and have it delivered to your mailbox. Anointing myself with oils and diffusing them in my sacred space helps to lift and ease my mood, so I make it a daily ritual.

Call on a sister. Remember to connect with your peeps. We desperately NEED connection to be healthy, and now more than ever. What would we do without our support squad?? Vent, cry, talk it out with your bestie. This is how we get through times like this. I'm here for you, too. Set up a time to chat with me. I'll hold your hand and help you create self care rituals to help you chill out, get healthy and feel beautiful, even during a pandemic. Here's how it works: we'll decide on a time to talk, I'll listen closely to everything you are struggling with and we'll get clear on what you need right now, and then I'll help you create super simple, super sexy self care rituals guaranteed to help you feel so much healthier, more grounded ... and less likely to want to punch your husband. And, we'll talk each week so you always feel supported. I'll give you custom tools and inspiration that you can call on again and again to feel empowered and in your full sparkle.

Remember, sweetie, there's nothing more badass than taking care of yourself.🤘

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