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Write it down....feel less stress

These are my journals.

They hold the tender musings of my heart, my passions and my hopes and dreams.

Last week, I read them again page by page. In doing so, I was reminded of who I am and what is precious to me.

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”
~ Mina Murray

When we write things down, magic happens.

Suddenly we are less stressed.

We start to make sense of our thoughts and feelings.

We honor our experiences and special memories.

We remember what is important.

We stay healthier.

Yup. Writing things down has actually been scientifically proven to help us stay healthier!

Research shows that it can decrease the symptoms of stress-related conditions, improve cognitive functioning, reduce anxiety, help manage depression and even strengthen our immune system.

The best thing about writing it down is that there are no rules.

There is no pressure to "do it right". You can write down one word, one sentence or a whole page.

You can write daily, on self-care Saturday or when inspiration moves you.

You can use pretty journals and a fancy pen, the Notes feature on your iPhone, clever apps, voice memos or even a post-it.

You can curl up in your favorite chair with a cup of tea, put pen to paper and pour out your heart -- or jot it down on the run.

You can cuss, use terrible penmanship and mis-spellings....or write beautiful poems.

You can be organized and thoughtful or disjointed and emotional.

You can keep what you write or burn it as a ritual of letting go.

Writing it down can be a simple self-care tool for transformation

It can help reveal something new about ourselves, recognize patterns, release emotions, foster dreams, keep us organized, aid in problem-solving, hold us accountable, create more gratitude, document our joys, manifest miracles and honor our accomplishments.

Do you keep a journal? A diary? A notebook? How has it transformed your life or helped you manage stress? Do you use a pen, a computer or do you dictate your thoughts into a voice memo? I want to know. Share with me. I love hearing from you!

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