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A Pocketful of Sunshine

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Some days, we need to create our own sunshine.

That's why I love getting stoned with citrine, the sunshine crystal 🌞

Citrine offers us a cheery dose of warm positivity ... inspiring happiness, abundance, clarity and vibrant energy.

I reach for citrine whenever I need a sparkling dose of vitamin C for my soul 🌟

It's magnificent yellow to amber hues make it the perfect stone to usher in autumn and spark more warmth, joy, positivity, optimism and motivation.

Citrine helps us to see the sunny side of things

Since yellow is the color associated with the digestive system in Chinese Medicine, I adore using citrine to calm worry and energize the acu-point associated with the stomach. Simply wear a little smile, place citrine over this point👇, lie back, and dream about walking on sunshine, attracting abundance and good energy ... and feeling warm, content and genuinely happy.

(Thank you, Clara @acuproacademy !!)

Citrine is also the most popular crystal associated with success, prosperity and manifestation. Some people even slip a smooth, polished citrine in their purse, wallet or pocket to attract more abundance!

So, whether you are wanting to brighten up the energy of your home or office, manifest more success, lift your spirit or encourage more vibrant energy and optimism, grab some sunny citrine and feel your spirit shine.🌟

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