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Activate Your Heart Energy♥️

Here is one more beloved acupuncture point to help your precious heart express itself to the world.

This is the other Shenmen, a superstar point for anything related to our heart and mind.

This point is located on the inside of your wrist crease, closest to your pinky finger. It's in the hollow just at the base of the bone you feel protruding there (that's your pisiform bone)

This shenmen is a gateway to our innermost self. It strengthens and clarifies the expression of our spirit.

This is the perfect point to massage to bolster and stabilize our heart energy, soothe our emotions, calm our physical heart and ease our mind. Shenmen is calming and tonifying at the same time -- allowing access to a more peaceful way of being.

I love to use shenmen as a self-love point because it activates a deeper connection to my inner self, taps me into my spirit and softens my defenses. of my favorite ways to anoint this heart point is to massage it with some essential oil...specifically Serenity from Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils.

Because self love activates a more profound level of self care.

How does massaging this self-love point change the way you feel?

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