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Are your mornings manic?😜

Wanna greet the day feeling like a goddess instead of a hot mess?

Ummm, yes, please 🙋🏻‍♀️

I freaking HATE stressful, manic mornings … ya feel me??

These are the 3 little things I do every morning to start the day feeling fabulous.

Wanna try them with me?

Nothing fancy or woo-woo or complicated. So simple, you can do them while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew:

1. Drink a full glass of water. Adding lemon is a sexy extra. This simple little ritual alone will be a game-changer for your energy, your digestion and your skin.

2. Throw open the curtains or blinds. Step outside if you can. Greet the morning. Letting light in lifts our mood.

3. Stand UP. Feel your feet firmly on the ground or floor beneath you. Breathe deeply, stretch your arms up, gently swing, sway or circle your hips, exhale fully. Feel your energy start to come alive. Repeat a few times.

There. Doesn’t that feel better?

MmmmHmmm ... 🥰

Try not to stress about ALL the things. Remember, it's the super simple, super consistent self-care rituals that give you the energy you need to feel your best and rock it like a goddess🤘

What? You're not sure how to do those little self care things? Well, I'm right here waiting for you, sweetie 😉Just reach out and ask me. Schedule a 1:1 session with me to create a kick-ass morning routine to re-awaken your goddess energy and rock your radiance.

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