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Bangs, not Botox

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

11 is a significant number in my life.

My husband and I were married on 11-11-11.

My personality number in numerology is 11.

I have 11 chickens.

I also happen to have an 11 etched between my eyebrows.

My 11 is deep and epic.

My 11 is part of my inner blueprint, and it is born of years upon years of intense academic concentration, focus, listening, reasoning, confusion, disappointment, suppressed hurt and anger, generally overthinking everything and a weird eye condition that makes some things difficult for me to see clearly.

I have an 11 impossible to ignore.

A few girlfriends have suggested Botox.

But, as I write about in Wellness for Women, Botox paralyses our muscles by way of the botulism toxin. Sorry, girls, but I have never been a fan -- I have seen the effects on many women who freeze their face, but not their emotions. Please, I have no judgement if you turn to Botox for beauty. This is simply something that has been personal with me for many many years..

I just inherently don't like the idea of paralyzing my face so I can't express what I feel. If I can't express myself through my face, what happens to that emotion time after time? Does it get trapped? Where does it go? What does it turn into? How can we feel compassion if we can't express it in our face?

Besides, Chinese medicine tells me that the lines on our face are a guide to who we are, how we are wired, what we have experienced in life and what we need to be happy.

My 11 shows me that there is a part of me that is wired with a kind of inner tension, a focus and a drive to DO and to create and move forward and not stagnate. I have abundant energy, I am passionate and I will fight for what I believe and what I love. I want to go out and help to inspire the world for the better, and I don't want you to get in my way or criticize me for doing it. My anger rises like thunder when I feel injustice, and I will cuss like a contractor when I get frustrated.

My 11 tells me that I think deeply about the endless complexity of things, that I am too busy and that I often need to take time to express myself through movement and blow off some steam....move, walk, dance, throw my arms around, jump, sing....release some freaking energy.

But, even as I am learning to love my 11 and appreciate it's significance in my life, I still usually stand in front of the mirror and hate the way it looks back at me. I admit it.

But Botox??

Not for me.

How's this instead?

Bangs, not Botox

I love the way bangs can soften my reflection in the mirror but allow my 11 to peek through and remind me to love the energetic, passionate, optimistic, easily frustrated and driven aspect of my nature....and have compassion for my hurts, my overactive mind and my physical limitations. I can express my emotion instead of freezing it with a toxin, so instead of stagnating, I am able to move forward empowered with the freedom to be me.

As Wayne Dyer has taught me...

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

And, even with an epic 11, I am finally falling in love with my face;)

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