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Be Naughty and Nice ...🎅🏼

If self care is naughty, Santa ... ??

I don't want to be nice.

MmmHmmm .... 🎅🏼

You know what I'm talking about ...

If your self care feels a little naughty, honey, that means you're doing it RIGHT.

Because sexy self care should be just naughty enough to make you feel a whole lot of nice.

All year long.

So, enjoy the season, sister.

Eat the chocolate. Sleep til noon. Cozy up and watch silly holiday movies. Wear stretchy pants. Unplug. Be gentle on yourself.

Connect with those you love in any way you can.

This year has been a shit show, honey.

We need to do things to make us feel goooooood.

Body, mind and spirit.

So, go ahead ... because being a little naughty is always nice.🤘😍


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