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Clean Your Face

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Would you take a spoon and eat your cosmetics? Your skin care? Your body butter?

Well, sorry sweetie....that's pretty much what we're doing every time we slather something on our skin.

What we put on our SKIN is just as important as what we put in our MOUTHS because so much of it gets absorbed into our bloodstream.

Did you know that over the course of a lifetime, it's estimated that a woman will absorb about 30 pounds of moisturizing ingredients into her bloodstream...

and eat about 4 pounds of lipstick?

The FDA doesn't require approval of the 10,500 + chemicals used in our cosmetics and personal care.

That means hormone-mimicking, carcinogenic, industrial chemicals derived from crude oil are allowed into our personal care products!

I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want to clean my face or adorn my skin with the same petrochemicals that are also used in brake fluid and antifreeze!

Truth is, the chemical cocktails in our cosmetics and personal care products have the potential to damage our skin, contribute to serious disease and cause aging.

Thankfully, there's a beautiful array of natural products that we can use to get that glow that actually feed our skin and don't contain nasty chemicals...and they're healthy enough to eat!

Jojoba, apricot, almond, avocado and coconut oils....shea, cocoa and mango butter, honey, aloe vera, luscious essential oils instead of formaldehyde-laden perfumes and fragrances....and I could go on.

And I do go on!! If you want to learn more, click on my LISTEN tab and tune in to my audio, About Your Cosmetics , to get LOTS more information to help you learn more about how to clean up your skin care, why it's important for your health and beauty and hear some amazing natural make-up and cosmetic alternatives.

And if you're ready to dive into even more, you can grab my book, Wellness for Women . I devote an entire chapter to natural beauty. I show you what chemicals to watch out for and offer simple, effective DIY recipes for delicious beauty potions I think you'll love - like this one:

Revitalizing Mask

Whip together 2 tablespoons fresh avocado, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice until ultra creamy. Apply to your beautiful face and neck and rest for about 10 - 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water and a soft cloth.

Don't be afraid to lick your lips because this mask will not only nourish your skin, but also feed you from the inside out!

If you'd rather to go shopping for some more natural alternatives to your current skin care, I've read the ingredient labels for you. Visit Wellevate and check out a few of the items I have showcased in my dispensary.

You'll see products like Dr. Hauschka serums, creams and body oils, Skin Food by Weleda, which is my super rich favorite, exfoliating cleanser and mini trial kits by Suki, and even a natural 4-step system by The Spa Dr. You can find even more by searching the entire online store , so head over there now, sign up and search for your favorites.

If it's essential oils you are looking for, remember to go to

And, lastly if you want purely natural, exquisitely blended parfums, visit

Remember, if you wouldn't eat it, just don't buy it or use it on your precious skin!!

Now, are you ready to hear about my new FAVORITE organic skincare??

If you want the most amazing, decadent, and energetically beautiful skin care products, you have to visit my new girl, Spa Goddess.

Spa Goddess makes her magic right here in Mount Shasta and she treats her skin care products with the same love, care and integrity that I give my patients ... these enchanting skincare and natural and non-toxic beauty products are infused with crystal gems, healing oils and plant essences ... along with Reiki, sound healing, love + good vibes.


Wouldn't you love a chance to work with me to help you cultivate your goddess energy, and create super simple, super sexy beauty rituals that will rock your radiance? Contact me, sweetie. I've got your back. 😍

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