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Cool off like a goddess 🌿

Holy shizzle, it’s hot !!

Especially under that freaking mask, am I right? 😷

Sorry, this is one of those times when being hot and sticky is not sexy.

You need a few more tips to cool the f*!ck off and still feel like a goddess, according to the principles of acupuncture:

🌿 Fresh mint : Oh, yeeeesss! I am growing fresh mint right now and it is absolutely gorgeous.

I love putting a generous sprig into my water glass to sip on all day, and adding it to herbal iced teas. But, aside from being gorgeous and cooling, mint can also help our digestion, decrease bloating, cramping and ease a headache or stomach ache.

No-brainer, right?

Go on, goddess, add fresh mint to your water bottle, glass tumbler or pitcher. Freeze it in ice cubes.

Just breathing in the fragrance of fresh mint is cooling and refreshing.

Rub this point 👇

Here’s another badass point to help you cool down.

Find it on the inner elbow next to the large tendon.

It’s called heart protector 3 and this point is great for irritability, fatigue and anxiety that often accompanies too much heat.

Rub this point in slow, rhythmic circles with your thumb, an ice cube or your favorite crystal.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Sleep naked. Oh, yeah. Sleeping naked is one of life’s little wellness pleasures. 

It's heaven for our skin, which has a chance to breathe after being smothered in clothing all day.

It doesn't just feel good - research shows it's actually good for us!

Men, your boys stay cooler so sperm stays healthier.

Ladies may experience fewer yeast infections.

And, here's the kicker:

Sleeping naked actually helps balance certain hormones! Yes, girl ... like the stress hormone cortisol and the sleep hormone, melatonin!!

When our body is happy we sleep better.

So, free yourself, baby. Sleep naked. 

🤘 Get stoned with blue calcite and clear quartz. Ahhhhh..... blue calcite is one of the most soothing, cooling and relaxing crystals ever ... and who can resist the cool, majestic, universal power of quartz ... ?

Find yours at @Wild_Mountain_Crystals.

Rock on, Sister 💎

Super simple, super sexy 🤘🍉🥒

Photos @Unsplash and @tsikung

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