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Cut it Out

It's time to re-evaluate this relationship.

I know it makes you feel good.

When you're together, you get that initial high....that oooey, gooey, warm-fuzzy, high energy feeling....

but then you crash.

You wake up achy, shaky, gassy, cranky and ... ugh, beige.

You're tired, you need comfort and you have this craving ... so you go back for more...and the cycle starts all over again.

Maybe it's time to cut it out and break up with sugar.

I had to. There was a time in my life when I couldn't live without it. Slowly, I let go and found healthier sources of sweetness and true nourishment.

And, you know what? It wasn't that hard.

My cravings quickly diminished, and my overall health, energy, mood and skin became more vibrant. I even started to feel more beautiful.

I've helped a countless number of people break up with sugar over the years. Whether you thrive with a gentle, baby-step approach or a cold-turkey method, I can help you cut it out so that your radiance can shine.

And, breaking up never felt so good.

You see, sugar not only steals your health, it diminishes your beauty.

When you understand that sugar ages your face and body more than any other food...cutting it out kinda makes sense, right?

Mother Nature is a goddess and she gave us everything we need to be healthy and beautiful -- don't deprive yourself, feed your face! Reach for things like juicy whole fruits, vibrant veggies, garnet yams and natural fats and proteins to feed your body and your beauty.

If you want to learn more, click on my LISTEN tab and tune in to my audio, Sugar Shock , to get more information to help you learn about how to break up with sugar and up-level your health, happiness, beauty and wellness.

If you're ready to dive into even more, you can grab my book Wellness for Women or

Cleanse your way to Health, Beauty and Longevity for some simple step-by-step guidance to get the glow.

Here's a delicious recipe for a sweet, chocolate-y treat that's actually a superfood! You can get Chocolate Lover from It's a blend of organic raw cacao, carob, chia seeds, coconut, and lucuma. It will fix your sweet cravings with 713% more nutrients than regular, store-bought chocolate. With magnesium, zinc, essential fatty acids, and an amazing 20 times the antioxidants than blueberries, it will most definitely boost your mood and reduce cravings!! Of course, cocoa powder will also work, so try this recipe and let me know how you like it:

Chocolate Lover Spread

1/2 cup almond or cashew butter

1/4 cup organic milk or plant milk (almond, hemp, coconut, etc.)

3 tbs Chocolate Lover Mix or cocoa powder

1 tsp. pure maple syrup, raw honey or a bit of stevia

Combine all ingredients, mix well and use as a dip for luscious fruit like strawberries, banana or apple slices. Or, add along with some frozen banana in a high speed blender, whip it up and freeze again for an hour or so to get chocolate banana "ice cream"!

Enjoy while feeling beautiful and kicking cravings to the curb.

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