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Find Your Peaceful Bliss

Ready for a couple more acupuncture points to add to your self-care kit?

Here's a combo of three amazing points that create a triangle of peaceful bliss.

Commonly known as Buddha’s Triangle, this is the perfect combo to calm our mind and soothe our spirit.

Rub, tap, massage or press these points to help relieve insomnia, anxiety, depression, sadness, and repressed emotions.

Another beautiful and subtle way to activate the energy of these points is to anoint them with essential oils. I think Buddha's Triangle is the perfect place to wear calming essential oils.

My favorite essential oil blends are from Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils. If you are feeling anxious, try Serenity. Depression or sadness? Try a little Happiness. Insomnia? Dab some Comfort, Letting Go or Peaceful on these points or on the bottoms of your feet ...and I love Inner Voice and Freedom for gently liberating repressed emotions.

(You can grab these oils here, or call Betty at 888-407-0448 to help you with the perfect blend for you.)

If you prefer single oils, try geranium, rose otto, ylang ylang, lavender, sweet marjoram and chamomile.

For me, dabbing rich, decadent and beautiful essential oils on my acu-energy pores is a sweet, soothing, intentional act of loving kindness that always helps to support and comfort me through times of struggle. I hope it helps you, too.

(Thank you Acupro and puressential for the graphic!!)

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