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Do you have the mark of the performer? 🤩

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Superman wouldn’t be Superman without it. Sandra Bullock, Adele, John Travolta and Jon Bon Jovi rock it. 🤘

Are you a beauty with a cleft or dimple in your chin?!

Oh, baby. You must be a super star 🤩

This is one of the sexiest and most magnetic markings on the face …

As an acupuncturist, I practice Face Reading, which is an ancient branch of traditional Chinese Medicine that is over 3,000 years old, and according to this ancient art …

THIS is the mark of the PERFORMER ☝️🔥

This sexy little marking explains why you always end up in the spotlight somehow … why you seem to crave attention, recognition and adoration like the air you breathe … and you don’t know why.

Traditionally, this cute little cleft means that you are a natural “performer” and you have a very real need to be seen and appreciated in life.

It doesn’t at all mean that you are vain or arrogant. It just means that you have a natural magnetism that needs to be fed for you to be truly happy! The deeper your dimple, the deeper this innate need.

Do you have this darling dimple??

Good self care for you is to give yourself permission to shine!

My prescription for you is to risk being seen in all of your glory. You probably aren’t happy working behind the scenes in any situation … so don’t hide yourself or your captivating gifts by keeping yourself hidden in the basement. Nobody puts Baby in a corner!! Let yourself be seen. Give us the gift of your warmth and charisma. Dazzle us with your charm ...

Embrace your face and honor your very real need to delight and engage us with your irresistible presence. This is one of your secret powers.

The next time you watch television or YouTube, check out how many people you see with cleft chins. SO many actors, news anchors and influencers have it!! It’s freaking unbelievable.

Remember, part of self care is

embracing your face.

Honoring our natural beauty is a really important part of our self care.

If you have a cleft or dimple in your own chin, honor your need to be seen, allow yourself to relish being in the spotlight -- it doesn't matter if you're an actual stage performer or a teacher, salesperson, realtor, musician or Boss Lady. This is how you stay happy and healthy. You were born to be badass - let yourself express what is in your heart ... and shine your light on us all. 😍

For a little EXTRA ... here's my favorite acupuncture point to strengthen and clarify the natural expression of our heart's desire ... and this post includes another badass point for confidence and one of my favorite crystals to spark passion, motivation and feeling sexy in your own skin.

You're welcome!

Rock on, Sister 🔮

Do you have a cute little cleft? Tell me if this is true for you ..... !!

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