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Eat Breakfast, Feel Sexy 🍳

Eat a little something with that coffee, sweetie.

Trust me, you’ll feel so much better.

Coffee alone in the morning can whack out our blood sugar and stress our hormones ...

and that makes us feel anxious, shaky, scattered and freaking irritable AF.

Not sexy.

We gotta feel healthy to feel sexy, sweetie.

And whether you want to lose weight, feel more alert, focused, energized ... or just less stressed and bitchy overall ... eating breakfast is gonna help get your sexy back.🤘

Need help? Here's a few ideas:

🍎 A big crisp apple smothered with nut butter

🥚 A little sautéed kale with 2 eggs and sprouted grain toast.

🍓 Plain yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts

🍳 Scrambled eggs with spinach and bits of tomato

🍲 Leftovers from last night's dinner

Super simple, super sexy 🧡

What did you eat for breakfast today? And, how do you feel??

Need a little one on one help? Just reach out, honey. I'll work with you personally and hold your hand to gently guide you to your healthiest, happiest and most beautiful self. Because feeling sexy is your birthright, sweetie. Let me show you how with super simple, super sexy self care to rock your radiance. You and your goddess deserve it. Schedule a session here.

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