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Eat like a Beauty and still Feed your Beast

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Do you struggle to make meals that are quick, easy and healthy?

Me, too. Because healthy to me is usually not hearty enough for my hot, holistic hubby.

Have you ever seen my husband eat? It's a sight to behold;) Mat loves to eat and he eats with gusto. A champion eater.

He's a beast.

Nothing makes him happier than a delicious meal that fills him up.

And, a kale salad is just not gonna cut it.

So, it fills me with joy when Mat says he'll make dinner! I feel loved and cared for because my Beast knows that I like to eat like a Beauty....and after 14 years of living with me, he has learned how to do it. So, now when it's he says he'll make dinner, I can be sure it's going to be healthy enough for me and hearty enough for him.

Last night, he surprised me and decided to make one of his favorite meals - wraps. He took what we had in the fridge...and he made a deliciously simple and healthy dinner that suited both of us.

So, I thought you might like to know what Chef Mateo cooked up. Maybe your beast will like it, too...and even be inspired to cook it up for you, Beauty:)

  • Take some organic ground turkey, grass-fed beef, pork, wild fish or organic chicken. My beast loves meat, but you could totally use beans (or even eggs) instead.

  • Saute the meat or beans (or both) with some onions and garlic, and add chopped red, orange and yellow peppers. Green, too, if you like them.

  • Chop fresh, raw cabbage and add any other colorful raw veggie you can find in your fridge. Matty added some shredded carrots. You could also add purple cabbage, zucchini, shredded raw beet, cilantro, baby kale, broccoli or shredded brussels sprouts. The more colorful, the better to feed your Beauty.

  • Served with avocado, organic salsa, olives, a little plain goat yogurt instead of sour cream and a sprinkle of green or red onion...this is a simple, hearty, delicious meal that you can eat two ways:

Mat made these into wraps with organic whole wheat tortillas - because that's how he rolls. You could also use organic corn, sprouted grain, coconut or gluten-free tortillas.

I added leafy green spring mix and ate this meal as a big salad with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast on top.

Simple, healthy, hearty and beautiful.

And most of all, made with LOVE.

Do you want to eat like a beauty and still feed your beast? Does your beast need some tips from a fellow beast? Mat loves to share:) Let me know your struggles and I'll send you more deliciously simple inspiration we've cooked up to rock your radiance and satisfy even the heartiest of beastly appetites;)

Psssst... fresh is always best. My dear friend, Lillian, offered this recipe for easy-peasy homemade salsa:

4 Jalapeños

2 Roma tomato’s

I bunch Cilantro

1 small onion

3 gloves garlic

1 lime

Salt to taste

and option to add

2 Serrano Chile (extra)

1 orange habanero (extra)

Chop and dice chiles

along with tomato 🍅 and garlic, squeeze lime to cut back on spicy

and never touch your face until you have completely washed your hands several times

... and you can also use a chopper like I do.

Add cilantro last

and enjoy

Much better than buying jar salsa 👎

for the family that swears by home made 👍🏼

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