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Eat More

I get lots of questions about food.

"What can I do to lose some of this winter weight?"

"What do I eat to have more energy?"

"What foods will help my skin look more beautiful?"

My answer is always the same.

Eat more.

Forget about weird diets and tracking calories. You don't need to fast or follow a complicated "cleanse".

Just eat more.

Eat more beautiful, vibrantly colored foods. Foods that don't need labels. Foods that can't be duplicated in a lab. Foods that are pretty to behold and don't come in boxes or cans.

Radiant, honest, gorgeous, bold, bodacious, juicy foods.

Simply start replacing those beige foods you're eating with real foods that have more beautiful color.

Take a walk at your local farmer's market...or down the produce aisle of your favorite grocer. Look at all of the amazing colors!

Purple cabbage. Ripe red tomatoes. Pink grapefruit. Emerald broccoli. Leafy red, green and yellow chard. Orange carrots. Red and green apples. Garnet Yams. Yellow peppers. Eggplant. Radicchio. Radishes. Cute little brussels sprouts....

All bursting with color and life force energy.

Foods this beautiful can only create more beauty when eaten.

It's not rocket science, honey. When you eat beautiful juicy foods, you feel beautiful and juicy, too!

Simply think: less beige, more color.

So, whether you want more energy, weight loss, beautiful skin or more vibrant health -- think FIRST about eating more beautifully colored vegetables and fruits. It's that easy.

You know I can talk for days about wellness and beauty;) And guess what? Now you can LISTEN to audio recordings of my former radio program, Health Talk!

If you want to learn more, click here and tune in to this week's audio, Spring Cleaning, to get LOTS more information to help you stay healthy during springtime or anytime.

Take a listen in the car, at the gym or on a walk;)

I'll post a new audio for you each week so stay tuned.....and if you're ready to dive into even more, you can grab my ebook, Cleanse Your Way to Health, Beauty and Longevity .

So tell me ....what beige foods did you replace with pretty foods today?

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