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Feed Your Beauty

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I love beautiful food.

Eating beautiful food makes me feel beautiful. Vibrant, radiant colors make such a pretty plate. I want to roll in fields of greens and drink a rainbow of fresh veggie juice.

I want to cover my naked body in juicy fruit and colorful vegetables in all shades of radiance!

Peace, love and veggies, baby.

What we eat radically affects the way we think, feel and behave. I believe it is nutrient-rich, real, authentic, alive foods that put a sparkle in our eye, a glow to our skin and hair and a feeling of pure energy, beauty and joy from the inside out.

Eating beautiful food fills us with beauty. Our cells become filled with vibrant energy and radiant life force.

Our food is more than just calories. Our food, as all of life, has electrical energy and the potential

Check out the life force energy of a fresh apple! That's beauty.

to enhance (or deplete) our own body's energy. I talk about this in my ebook,

Have you ever picked fruit right off the tree or veggies right off the vine? It’s a completely different experience than, say, opening a can of peas and seeing them fall out into a bowl, right? Do you visit your local farmer’s market and stand in awe at how the food just seems to glow as compared to what you see on most grocery store produce racks?

I do;)

What's so magical about foods that exist in nature, like an apple? The seeds inside of it have the potential to grow an apple tree! This is what fresh living food is all about. Under the right conditions, with the right amount of water, nutrients in the soil, and sunlight – those seeds will sprout and new life can be created.

What happens when macaroni or a lean cuisine goes into the ground?


It will rot. Maybe mold. But certainly not grow.

Foods in their natural, raw state have the most life-force energy. So, when you want to feel beautiful, eat beautiful foods filled with this sparkly life force energy!

When I find my radiance dimming, I take a look at how I have been nourishing myself. During those times when I have been too busy or stressed or simply behind on the shopping and lack on veggies and leafy greens, I feel it. I feel less vibrant. Sluggish. I don't poop well. I feel beige. As soon as I eat something pretty and colorful, usually involving a pile of sautéed greens and a baked garnet yam, I feel nourished and on my way back to vibrant.

Make your plate as pretty as you can. Lots of color, lots of sensual texture. Radiant. Honest. Real. Now, pay attention to how you feel.....


Want some help? Grab my guide here.

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