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Feed Your Soul

Today, I want you to think about what feeds you.

Guess what? Today I am not talking about nourishment from food (surprise!).

I am talking about what feeds your soul.

What you need to thrive? What feeds your power? What lights you up and makes you feel like YOU? What feeds your own unique nature?

Taking care of ourselves means feeding ourselves what we need to feel happy and on purpose in life. We each have unique self care needs that need to be fed.

True self care means honoring who we are by nourishing our nature.

Among other things, I am recognizing how important it is for me to be fed socially. Last Sunday, I had a lovely breakfast visit with two special ladies that I have not seen in over 2 years. This kind of pleasure is a nutrient to me. So, today, I took 5 minutes to text a lovely woman I know to set up a time to walk and connect. For me, this is an act of profound self care and nourishment that I just can't get from eating a kale salad;)

Now it's your turn.

Got 5 minutes?

Today, you're going to give yourself the gift of your own sexy self care, and it's only going to take 5 minutes.

Here's how you're going to do it:

For 5 minutes, you're going to do that one thing that feeds you.

Love to read? Set a timer for at least 5 minutes and read the juiciest thing you can get your hands on. Do you get fed by listening to music? Through quiet solitude? Creating something? Swimming? Exploring? Shopping? Dancing? Writing? Picking flowers? Snapping beautiful photos? Take 5 minutes to feed those parts of you that bring you joy.

Your unique expression is priceless and honoring who you are and what you need to be happy is essential for you to thrive, so feed your nature by doing more of what you love.

This week, try to give yourself at least 5 minutes of sexy self care every day. 5 minutes of doing nothing. 5 minutes of getting grounded. Take a walk, a strut or a stroll. Breathe. Belt it out. Do something you love. You choose. Make it an intention and do your best. You're worth 5 minutes of your own attention.

Remember, there's nothing more badass than taking care of yourself and living your purpose.

Share with me below what nourishes your soul. I sincerely want to know.

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1 Comment

Susan C
Susan C
Sep 23, 2022

Godd bless

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