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Hangry ...🤬 ?

Girl. What are you eating? 😧

Egg substitutes. Sugar substitutes. Protein substitutes. Butter substitutes.

Bars, powders and processed potions.

Little teeny tiny mini meals. 

I actually just had one of my lovely clients tell me that her female health and fitness trainer advised her to eat a "meal" consisting of 1 tbs peanut butter mixed in 1/2 cup of Gerber hot rice baby cereal 🤨 with a tablespoon of protein powder mixed in ... to go along with all that extra coffee, Diet Coke and sugar-free gum she’ll need when she gets hungry.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Sweetie 💖

You need to be nourished to be your healthiest, happiest and most beautiful self.

Eat some damn food.

Seriously, Girl. Don't be afraid of your food. Eat. 

When you eat egg substitutes and rice cakes, protein powders and Crystal Light ...  girl, that's not nourishing to your body, mind or feminine spirit.

Listen to the messages your body gives you.

I mean, how nourished and beautiful do you feel when you have a hangry anxiety attack at 4 pm and want to eat somebody, hhhmmm ... ?

Oh hell no. 🙄

That uncontrollable binging you're doing? Or that weak, fatigued, irritated unfocused and weepy episode you just had is your inner goddess loving you enough to tell you that SOMETHING IS NOT HEALTHY, honey. 

She is pissed off and hungry for something nourishing.

MmmmHmmm 🙌

Love yourself. 💖

Go ahead. Eat real food. 

Super simple, super sexy 🧡

Get with me, girl. I will hold your hand and help you learn how to honor and feed your goddess with REAL FOOD and lifestyle medicine to help you get through the tough shit you're going through right now and still rock it like a goddess. 🤘⁠

I got this and so do you, sweetie.⁠ ✨⁠

I spill all my sexy secrets when you work with me one on one.


Sexy is getting through tough 💩 and still rockin' it like a freaking goddess 🤘


Super simple, super sexy 🧡


I got you.⁠ Let's do this.

Click here to connect with me. Let me know how I can help you rock it like the goddess you’re meant to be. 💖

Rock on, Sister 🔮

Pssst: if you are not following me on Instagram or Facebook, you're kinda missing out. I post a sexy secret, an acupuncture point, some fun and functional kitchen fitness moves, super simple, super sexy recipes or a face reading insight almost every single day.

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