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How to avoid getting Worry Lines 🤭

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Smoker's lines?

Oh hell no.

I HATE this label.

Do you want to know why I hate it so??

Because these lines have nothing to do with smoking!

Lots of women who don't smoke have these little lines.

Instead, there is another very real and relatable reason to why we, mostly women, can develop these lines as we age.

Chinese medicine and the ancient art of face reading say it’s because these little vertical lines around the mouth form from micro-movements of worry.

When we over-give, over-worry and over-nurture others, who do not receive or acknowledge our help or attention, we purse our mouths a bit from the hurt.

Over time, and after many years of feeling such a strong need for connection and longing to give or help others - but never feeling cared for in return - can cause these little lines to develop. Maybe there are many little lines, or maybe only one or two.

If the lines are deep and prominent, this long lasting ache has caused resentment.

Instead of beating yourself up over these lines, have some deep compassion for yourself. You truly want to help others ... and you have a deep need to be nurtured and cared for yourself that hasn't always been met.

Here's how we can avoid getting these worry lines ... or how to soften them if they have already formed:

Start to mama yourself

✨ Nurture yourself just like you are your own mama. Take care of your needs. Give to yourself BEFORE you give to others, so that you always have enough energy and sparkle to give away without feeling depleted or resentful that your needs don't get met. If you feel guilty or selfish for taking care of yourself, you're doing it right. It takes a lot of practice, girl. So, be gentle with yourself and practice, practice, practice this mama method.

✨ Hold boundaries around how much you give to others -- and begin to ask for help or support instead of keeping a stiff upper lip and suffering in silence. You give so much to others, if you make your own needs for support known, you will see that you are loved and cherished and cared for by others, as well. You are so strong and capable ... others simply don't realize how much you need support. Ask for what you need. Speak up without apology. You deserve as much support and care as you so generously give.

Stay juicy

💦 Stay hydrated. Of course, giving our bodies the gift of pure, sexy water is always important ... and good self love includes adding a little extra commitment to keep our skin plump, too. Sip on water all throughout the day - if you are making an inconvenient number of trips to the potty because of it, you're probably doing it right ;) Eat gorgeous, juicy foods because they fill us with gorgeous, radiant energy, nutrients to heal and protect our skin and help to plump our cells and keep our skin smooth.

Plump it up. Oh, yeah, baby. Pamper your worry lines with Plump from Spa Goddess.

Girl. This AH-mazing prickly pear based serum is exactly what your skin needs. Plump is deeply moisturizing, regenerative superfood facial serum overflowing with phytonutrients and antioxidants to build collagen, inhibit free radical damage, support healthy cellular renewal, and soften the signs of inflammation and premature aging.

This restorative serum naturally boosts your resilience with prickly pear, red raspberry seed, pomegranate, carrot seed, sea buckthorn, and jojoba oils -- all known to offer varying levels of natural sun protection/repair.

When we practice the mama method and truly nurture and take exquisite care of ourselves without apology, have compassion for our emotional needs, use our voice in asking for help or support, hold boundaries, and take the time to acknowledge and honor our own needs for love, care and attention, I truly believe that we can soften these lines - or even cause them to disappear all together.

I'm willing to give it a try -- how about you?!


Each aspect of our face, from the curve of our lips, to the shape of our eyebrows and the contour of our chin - even each line and marking - tells our personal story of how we tend to think, feel and behave...and holds the key to our hidden powers. Wanna learn more about how face reading can reveal the beauty of who you are and what you need to be happy and healthy? Start with a Beauty Blueprint session -- I'll show you the secret power that's written all over your face. Questions? Contact me here. 💖

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