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How you speak with your eyes

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

It is easy to see the beauty of our eyes, after all, the eyes are the windows to the soul, right?

Our eyes speak volumes. They are a means of expression, and our eyes never lie.

Our spirit lives in our eyes. As an acupuncturist, I can see vitality in the eyes or depletion in the eyes.

When we look at someone, we instantly know if they are happy, sad, bored, scared or anxious just by looking at the expression of their eyes.

I think all of us know the inherent beauty in our eyes. Every eye is beautiful.

Isn't it true that we just instinctively know that someone who is being open with us will also hold their eyes open wide? And someone who doesn’t want to reveal themselves will often keep their eyes more narrowed. Well, not surprisingly, the ancient art of face reading also says this is so.

In ancient Chinese medicine, our eyes have everything to do with our communication style.

How we hold our eyes will reveal the beauty of our open hearted and receptive nature, or send a signal of our precious need for a little damn privacy, please.

It doesn’t matter if our eyes are considered big or small, if we naturally hold our eyes in a more open fashion we are more open to giving and/or receiving communication, being vulnerable and sharing secrets.
When you naturally hold your eyes in a more narrowed fashion, you are probably trying to think before you reveal yourself, observe what is going on around you ... and most likely value the privacy of keeping your real thoughts and feelings to yourself ... because, that's your business, honey ... at least in public.

And, here's where it gets super fun. One of the most fascinating aspects of the eye is how it can show us signs of how articulately and precisely we tend to choose and use our words in communication ... especially in anger.

  • If your inner canthus or the inner corner of your eye is rounded, like the woman on the right of this photo, I have learned this to mean that you are very careful and thoughtful when communicating. Even in anger you will choose to communicate tactfully and kindly. You also may sometimes struggle finding your words and may tend to beat around the bush rather than being crystal clear when communicating about your feelings.

  • If your inner canthus or the inner corner of the eye is pointed, like the woman on the left, this is said to mean that you are very precise and accurate with your choice of words, and you can speak (or write) the truth even if it hurts. The sharper the eye corner, the sharper the tongue and the more your chosen words can sting ... or make an impact. Knowing that you have this gift is should make you so happy! You can be a very good communicator, whether in relationship, in any kind of writing or creating, public speaking, or as a CEO. 🙋🏻‍♀️ But, just because you can choose the precise words to express your anger or disappointment, it's no reason to justify being an asshole, honey! Try your best to think before you speak, count to 10, and use your gift of clear communication to choose the precise words to avoid hurting someone unintentionally.

  • If the inner canthus of your eye is pointed and actually hooks downward, face reading says that you probably have the ability to use words as weapons when necessary, but you usually have to be really freaking pushed to intentionally harm someone with your words, and do so as a defense mechanism to protect your sensitivity. Again, this can be a great gift of power in the right circumstance, and can also cause quite a bit of hurt for a sensitive recipient, so use this superpower wisely. 😉


Each aspect of our face, from the curve of our lips, to the shape of our eyebrows and the contour of our chin - even each line and marking - tells our personal story of how we tend to think, feel and behave...and holds the key to our hidden powers.

Wanna learn more about how face reading can reveal the beauty of who you are and what you need to be happy and healthy? Start with a Beauty Blueprint session -- I'll show you the secret power that's written all over your face.

Questions? Contact me here. 💖

Photo: @Unsplash

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