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I am who I am

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

"I am who I am, it doesn’t make any difference what I’m supposed to be.” - Cher

I just had a session with a woman who has been helping translate the art of Chinese Face Reading for me for about 10 years now. Her name is Jean Haner and she is fabulous. Warm, insightful, grounded and encouraging. She has helped me to understand and accept myself in ways I would have never understood in quite the same way if not for learning her beautiful translation of the Five Elements.

My study has come full circle. Before earning my Master's degree in acupuncture, I initially began my study of Chinese Medicine by earning a Technician in Acupuncture certificate. Basically, I took a series of weekend courses designed to teach the busy doctor the basics of acupuncture to implement into their practice in a practical way. I began learning about the Five Elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. It was such an animated, esoteric, simple and beautiful way to explain, describe and express the cycle of life, our emotions, the seasons and our quality of life through the basic elements of our universe. And I have I embarked on a new love affair with the Five Elements through looking at faces.

What is so amazing is that each of the Five Elements can be found in our personal nature - in our personality, in how we express our emotions and how we choose to live out our life purpose, in what we feel called to do and called to be in life. We each have an elemental Super Power and a kryptonite that can keep us from expressing the most balanced aspects of our brilliance. We are all a unique combination of these elements, designed on purpose, to be an absolute perfect and one-of-a-kind version of ourselves.

"I am who I am, it doesn’t make any difference what I’m supposed to be.” - Cher

What I've learned is that the qualities that make me ME are written all over my face.

Yep. My face reveals my inner blue print. How I am wired. What makes me tick. What I need to thrive, to be happy, feel loved, and move through life feeling empowered and comfortable in my own skin.

It has explained everything.

Now I know why I love creating beautiful experiences, why I am so hard on myself, why I am so freaking sensitive!! My sensitivity is part of my energetic blueprint of Metal, metal which is forged from refined earth and fire. This metal nature makes me very attuned to the energy of everyone around me, and able to shift my deeply nurturing energy to match yours so you feel more comfortable. I can see on my face evidence that I feel lack, experience grief and am sensitive to sounds, smells, the emotions of others and the energy in a room. My full lips and devoted nature explain my enormous strength to care for others and my calling as a gentle guide and warrior can be seen in the straight lines of my brows, my 11 and my straight hair (that I insist on curling to delight my Fire nature)

All I know is this: by learning what the features, markings and lines mean about my nature, the more I can understand that I was truly designed perfectly, and that changing something about my face would mean changing something about who I am and the lessons I have learned through my experience of life so far. I am realizing that rather than criticizing, hiding or trying to change my face, it is more empowering and joyful to strive to live in my own brilliance. My face reflects who I am, what I have experienced, what matters most to me and the power I have to create the life best suited to make me happy. And why change that??!!

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