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keep self care simple and sexy 💋

Life is already too overwhelming to stress about self care.

Don't stress about ALL the things.

Today, just eat your veggies and shake your ass, sister.

MmmmHmmm ... 🤘

Because self care should be SIMPLE and SEXY.

Honey, that's what I'm all about!

It's the super simple, super consistent little self-care things that feed our feminine energy and help us feel healthy and beautiful. And, that's freaking sexy.

Little things like this ...

🍅 How pretty can you make those scrambled eggs? Maybe add some baby spinach and throw in a little tomato … girl, you just made breakfast sexy.🙌

🥗 If a frozen pizza is dinner tonite - add a fresh, colorful, vibrant, sexy side salad.

🍓 Whirring up a smoothie? Throw in a handful of baby kale and some beautiful, juicy fruit. Gorgeous. 😍

And don't forget to take a few minutes to really shake it, sister.

You know what I'm talking about. Oh, yes, you do.

Shake off all that damn stress. Keep your energy in motion.

Yes. Like that. 🙌

Super simple, super sexy 🧡

What's that, sweetie? You need a little more help with these little sexy self care thangs? Well, I'm right here waiting for you!🙋🏻 Just reach out and ask me.

I'll help you understand how to feed your feminine power so you can feel like the goddess you were born to be.

Until then, be good to yourself today.

And, if you need a little more inspiration, I got you:

Just remember, K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple (and Sexy), Sister.

All my love 💖 I'm right here if you need me.

Pssst: if you are not following me on Instagram or Facebook, you're kinda missing out. I post a sexy secret, an acupuncture point, some fun and functional fitness moves, super simple, super sexy recipes or a face reading insight to help you rock your goddess. Follow me here.

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