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Let Go ... or be Dragged

Do you need a little help letting go?

Letting go of emotional baggage, of fatigue, grief, confusion, sadness, guilt, old compulsive ways of thinking ... even shame?

Fall is the perfect season to let go.

Trees are shedding their leaves to save their energy for new growth.

That's our cue...

Time for us to let go of old sh*t that's preventing our own new growth and doesn't deserve our precious energy any longer 🌟

Do you have any 💩that you need to let go of?

Do this:

  • Gently rub, tap or massage the first acu-power point on the lung channel, The Great Letting Go Point. (See photo) Activating this point will help you breathe in new energy, support the strength of your lungs, clear your mind and release old baggage. If you find that tears come up when you rub this point, allow those tears to flow, cleanse away the pain, and keep your emotions in-motion.

  • Place a clear or smoky quartz crystal over this Letting Go acu-power point, breathe deeply and EXHALE old stress and pain.

  • Help your body cleanse by drinking extra water each day and be mindful of eating more fiber to keep things know, to sweep out all of that old 💩 need a little help with that? Grab this delicious recipe for a high fiber bread guaranteed to change your life. Click Here. If you have trouble pooping, this bread is for you. Trust.

Take a tip from Mother Nature. Let go. It's time....

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop ~ Rumi

Thank you to and for the photos;)

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