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Let's Face It...

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Let's face it.

Crystal gems are dazzling, and sometimes a sister just needs to feel beautiful.

We've been adorning ourselves with the magnificent beauty of crystal gems for ages. Diamonds might be a girl's best friend....but let's not forget the power of her trusty sidekicks such as amethyst, jade, lepidolite and aquamarine to really ROCK our radiance!

I am crazy over crystals. There is something so exquisite and enchanting about the energy of these earth tools. They're simply beautiful.

Crystals embody beauty and they inspire us to feel our own sparkle and radiance. So, when you're having one of those days when you just want to feel beautiful, pull your stones from your self care kit.

Give yourself an acu-crystal face "lift"

Let's face it. We could all use a minute to relax and rejuvenate. And, we sure as hell could use a little lift, am I right?! So, let me introduce my version of a DIY face "lift" ...

Simply lie down and place your favorite small crystals over the facial acupuncture points I'm gonna describe below. That's it!

Lie back and relax, meditate, pray, take a little nap or listen to this self-love audio by Louise Hay or any of the guided audios I recorded for you, here.

These are the crystals I like to use, but you can use any crystals that you like and that make you feel beautiful. There is no wrong way to do this beauty ritual 🌟The crystals infuse you with their gentle magic, you're energizing key acu-points used to tone and relax facial muscles and you are taking a much needed time-out to close your eyes, breathe and simply be.

This beauty ritual will lift your energy, erase stress from your face and leave you feeling more calm, grounded and glowing.

Acu-Crystal Face "lift"

I love getting stoned with crystals🌟

Forehead: Place lepidolite, clear quartz or amethyst on your forehead, directly above the center of your eyebrow, GB 14.

In Chinese Medicine, it's the energy of our gall bladder that helps us to make clear and wise decisions, be on purpose and have good judgement. So, I especially like to place lovely lavender lepidolite here, to inspire optimism, trust and calm the mind. This point is great to relieve a headache or eye strain, and any cold crystal feels great here!

Between the eyes: Amethyst over the acu-point, yin tang, is exquisite. Amethyst is very calming and helps to open our intuition and connection to spirit. Yin tang, (often referred to as the "Prozac Point") located at what is often called our "third eye", does the same, so this is a match-made in heaven! Place amethyst or your favorite crystal between your eyes and feel the troubles in your mind melt and your whole face and body relax.

Under each eye: This is a perfect place to use the coolness and beautifying properties of jade. The acu-point under our eye relates to the stomach channel in Chinese Medicine, and when we worry, we tend to tense the muscles around our eyes and mouth...and our digestion suffers, too, which often results in bloating and facial puffiness. Cool, smooth jade, the stone of eternal youth, under each eye can help ease tension, reduce puffiness, relax facial muscles, and help us feel more at ease and receptive to the pleasures of life.

Chin: Because our chin relates to the element of water in Chinese Medicine, and because the acupuncture channel that runs down our center is the feminine vessel of self love and compassion, placing a crystal like aquamarine or rose quartz below your lower lip, at the center of your chin can energize this powerful balancing point (Ren 24), calm our mind, relieve anxiety, lift depression, reduce facial swelling, and taps us into our softer side.

Rock on, sister. Now you have your own custom acu-crystal facial beauty and self care ritual for those times when you just need to rock your radiance. ✨

Of course, this ritual is even more pampering and restorative when you add essential oils to the mix!! Get yours here. And, I want to know - what crystals did you use when you tried this ritual?! Share with me below!!

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