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Mad as Hell...🤬??

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Black Tourmaline

When's the last time you were mad as hell?

I mean, beyond pissed off....shaking with mad as hell?

Anger is POWERFUL, sister.

I used to be ashamed of this emotion of anger. I'd deny it, stuff it, swallow it and try to ignore it.

Anger isn't pretty. It doesn't feel good - and it's not supposed to.

Every emotion has value, including feeling mad as hell.

Anger and frustration often rise when something needs to change. If we did not feel this uncomfortable emotion, we might continue to tolerate situations that are unjust or don't make us happy instead of letting the feeling motivate us to make change for the better.

So, instead of being afraid of the power of anger or turning that anger inward and falling into a deep and stagnant depression - let's learn to feel it, learn from it, channel it and let it be our ally for growth and change.

The next time you're mad as hell, instead of stuffing it, denying it, or reacting impulsively and then feeling regret, pull these tricks out of your self care kit to soothe your spirit enough to receive the message your anger is trying to show you:

  • Grab some black tourmaline and surround yourself with it. Wear it as a pendant, put it in every corner of your room or take a bath with it and let its magic actually repel bad vibes. Black tourmaline is the stone of protection. It will shield you from dirty electromagnetic energy, wonky psychic energy and all the negative feels. It's incredibly grounding, so keep some of this stuff near you and consider yourself energetically armed, safe and rooted.

  • Move your ass. Anger not released can turn inward and cause debilitating depression and apathy. When you feel your anger rise, do something. Move, take a walk or run, work out, rake leaves, pump your fists in the something to move that energy. You can even belt out your favorite warrior anthem or journal in RED, just find a release. My dear friend, Rahel, once told me that she has fun with anger by going out into nature and throwing eggs! Brilliant.

  • Stimulate the "Happy Calm" acupuncture points on the Liver channel, on the top of your foot, between your first and second toe. Rubbing, tapping or massaging these points can cool your fire and help to soothe and calm your anger enough to actually reflect on how this emotion is trying to benefit you.

Anger is not an emotion to be feared. By channeling your own inner Kali, the hella fierce and badass goddess of enlightenment and liberation, you can harness your own amazing power and use it to create positive change.

I hope these little tricks help. 👆

Rock on, Sister ☯︎

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