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Sleep Naked

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Sleeping naked is one of life’s little wellness pleasures. 

It's heaven for our skin, which has a chance to breathe after being smothered in clothing all day.

Wouldn't it be nice to feel the sheets and blankets cocooning you rather than strangling and tangling in bedclothes?

It doesn't just feel good - research shows it's actually good for us!

Men, your boys stay cooler so sperm stays healthier.

Ladies may experience fewer yeast infections.

And, here's the kicker:

Sleeping naked actually helps balance certain hormones, like the stress hormone cortisol as well as the sleep hormone, melatonin!!

When our body is happy we sleep better.

With all the benefits, why not try tonight??

Free yourself. Sleep naked. 

If you have a partner, lie skin to skin (and increase your cuddle hormone, oxytocin, while you're at it.)

If you sleep alone, feel your own skin and be reminded of your strength and your softness.

Who knows? Sleeping naked just might make you feel happier😃

For a Little Extra Sparkle.....

Wanna magical mist to lull you into sounder, more restful sleep? You gotta try this lovely gem elixir - it's a beautiful aromatherapy blend enhanced with the magic of calming crystal gems!

Sleep gem elixirz blends chamomile, lavender, sandalwood and clary sage to enhance deep, restful sleep filled with peaceful dreams and inspiration.

When you shake it up, you'll hear the precious gemstones found in each bottle:

Amethyst - great for all types of insomnia

Hematite - relieves insomnia and restores harmony to the body

Labradorite - promotes calmness and wisdom, and helps us receive information through our dreams.

Grab your bottle of Sleep gem elixirz at Wellevate. Just register, log in and enjoy 15% off of retail, every day!!

You'll find Sleep gem elixirz in my favorites, or by using the Search feature and typing in Sleep Gem Elixirz.

Sweet dreams 💜

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