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Stand up

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

First day of holiday wellness - stand up
Lift your Ribcage, Lift your Spirit

How do you feel right now? Are you hunched over your computer or iPhone?

Are your shoulders up at your ears from stress and busy-ness?

Is your energy in a slump or are you uplifted?

Stand up.

Straighten your spine.

Lift your ribs.

Hold your head high.

Open your chest.

Breathe more fully.

Now, stand like you mean it.

Stand in your power.

Hey ladies -- when you stand up, you automatically feel more confident, positive, energized -- and your stress hormones actually decrease.

Guys -- When you stand up, your testosterone literally goes up about 8%.

No joke.

That’s your bad-ass tip for the day.

Now let me know how standing tall changes your energy ....

For a little Extra Sparkle....

Quartz is a powerful crystal to encourage us to stand up, raise our vibration, connect to spirit and enhance our natural health, beauty and well being. You can wear this beautiful gem as jewelry, on a keychain or carry a pocket stone to keep your energy and vibration up. And, guess what? I have found a spectacular online store to shop crystals and more!

Check out the gems, pocket stones, bracelets, jewelry, clothing and more at Sivana Spirit ... and allow me to offer you 30% off of your purchase ... Whoop!! 🎉

Simply enter the code RockOnSister at checkout for 30% off your entire purchase.

And, even better, your purchase helps provide Fair Trade Jobs around the world and life-saving vital nutrient programs for thousands of children in India.


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