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Bust A Move

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Bust a Move ... even if it's in the car

This is a no-brainer. You gotta move. And why not express yourself and have fun while you do it?!

Everyone loves to dance. Even if it is just in the privacy of our own room, we need to bust a move every now and then to release pent up energy, feel sheer joy and even get a pretty good workout at the same time!

So today, just bust a move.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time or you are embarrassed.

Give me 5 minutes.

Bust a move while you are getting dressed, brushing your teeth or making breakfast. Get down while you do the dishes or sweep the floor. Dance with your kids. Twerk with your spouse. Boogie with the dog.

Bust a move in the damn car. Yes you can! Turn up the volume. Sing at the top of your lungs, squeeze your cheeks, shimmy your shoulders, wave your arms. Get other people to safely car boogie with you.

C’mon! Bust a move and bust some holiday stress. Our bodies thrive on joyful movement.

Besides, it’s fun. And fun is a nutrient.

I can't help busting a move when I listen to old school funk, Bruno Mars...or pretty much any pop song from the 90's 😁! How about you? What is your favorite bust-a-move music?? I wanna know!!  Give me some new dance music inspiration!

For a Little Extra Sparkle.....

What?! You don't have enough energy to bust a move? Seriously? You should grab this handy little mix, Energy Bomb, from YourSuper. Forget that extra cup of coffee...instead, boost your energy levels for up to 8 hours, with no additives, no sugar, no junk. 1 spoonful = 1 cup of coffee! Make a quick energy shot by simply adding it to water or your favorite milk-of-choice, or mix it into smoothies, yogurt, oats or nut butter.

Energy Bomb is always in my cupboard and I love it. I know it'll help give you that extra energy to sparkle like you're supposed to this season...and plenty of energy to bust a move!

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