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Wear Stretchy Pants

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Hey. It’s the holidays. It’s time to be kind.

That includes being kind to ourselves, too. 

And sometimes being kind to ourselves means wearing stretchy pants and a big cozy sweater.

Look, this is the holiday season, you’re gonna eat.

And you’re probably gonna cram more into your schedule than usual.

And you’re going to love every second of it until you are ready to collapse ... and can no longer button that top button.

It's ok. Be gentle with yourself and break out the stretchy pants.

Let's enjoy the last few days of the season and stop beating ourselves up over eating that cookie or not getting to the gym, or rushing around buying the perfect gifts and basically trying to do it ALL and presenting a picture perfect image.

No one is perfect, honey. Everyone's "tree" has a crooked star. When I say, wear stretchy pants, what I am really saying is let the star on the tree be crooked, just like all of us -- imperfect, unique, messy, maybe a little off-center -- and completely lovable.😉

Let go, be flexible and forgiving....and let things be what they will be.

Just like your favorite pair of stretchy pants.

So, for these last few days of the season, slow down. Be gentle with yourself. You don't have to do it all. Go ahead and relax. Take a bite. Have a taste. Be yourself and let it all hang out. Savor your experiences and allow all of the delicious comforts and joys of the season nourish your spirit.

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