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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Yeah, Baby

Today it's time to strut.

That's right.

Celebrate your inner bad-ass and walk with confidence.

Strut down the hall, during your morning walk or from the car to your office.

Strut at the mall, doing errands, cleaning the house or walking the dog.

Strut for no reason.

Just because it feels damn good.

Sometimes we have to cultivate our confidence by embodying it.

A strut is just your inner bad-ass in motion!

When we MOVE with confidence, we automatically FEEL more confident.

We rock our radiance.

We playfully shine while building more and more of that self assured energy to support our wellness and keep our spirits lifted this season.

Unfortunately, no one has figured out a way to bottle confidence and sell it. But, if we could bottle up our inner bad-ass, it would look like a strut -- our own personal swagger or sassy sashay. Am I right?!?😄

Now it's time. Feel liberated to strut in your own way. Just for fun. Just to smile and see how it feels.

That’s your wellness tip for today. Walk with confidence. Unapologetically (and safely, please😆) show me how you strut, swagger, or sashay.

Do it until you feel your energy and confidence lift.

Or, at the very least, until you've enjoyed a good giggle😉

You gotta tell me how your energy changed today when you decided to strut! I love hearing from you!

For a Little Extra Sparkle...

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